Chalk Pastel Portrait


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22x32 inch self portrait drawing done with chalk pastels. Lots and lots of blending :c
And sorry about the bad picture quality.

E: Holy shit, made it into the featured art gallery :O
Thanks a lot guys.



why dont you just stick with this kind of art it looks like it works for you other than your others??????????

Great Job...

Seriously, people need to back off... if you said you did it, you did it. I don't know how people are saying it is not yours because of the quality compared to your other stuff, do they not understand that improved quality in one piece can be due to putting more work and time into it and from instruction. I recently took an art class and the quality of work in my portfolio ranges from good to utter crap and it is all drawn by me. So, there is no need to defend yourself, as long as you know it's your work be satisfied.

LilioTheOne responds:

I am not gonna go around trying to defend myself. It's just that their utter stupidity upsets me. Instead of just coming here and pulling shit out of your asses and tossing words around that you can't back up with actual facts, try to actually disprove me when I say this is in fact, 100% my drawing. Don't come here posting a poorly stated, extremely biased review, because I can't say I actually care about your opinion if this is how you're going to go about it. It just makes you look like an idiot. I can guarantee to you that pming me for the original picture would have made you see that this is not faked in any way. But of course, that would have taken some much needed effort on your side, and god forbid that ever happens.

And @ everyone else, thank you. It felt good to be on the front page for a while :P
I'll definitely be posting more work soon.


This looks so awesome! Very good :)!

if thats the case...

If you're so determined to prove that this work, which does not match the quality of the rest of your gallery is in fact real. Then perhaps, process work, or shots of the piece in progress over the 2-3 weeks you worked on it would help ease my doubts. Surely a project of this magnitude at 22 x32 would have adequate process work.

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LilioTheOne responds:

I did all of it at school and never really expected it to turn out good or even be worth posting online. If it would make you sleep better, you can pm me for the original photograph I worked off of or other angle shots. I'm not exactly sure how you think I faked this though. Do you think I just used some big photograph and drew over it or something like that? Stealing it is really out of the question seeing how I have both the original photograph and can provide as many different angle shots as you want. I'm not really sure what you're acussing me off.

is that...

justin beiber??!!

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4.11 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2010
6:55 PM EDT
Fine Art
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