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Tankmen-loves box


1 think this soldier loves is a good box.

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Haha Well I found this to be cute yes I used the word cute, Anyways this was actually notbad and seems like you could have added more little details like "SHINE" to the glasses and some texture to the box itself, maybe even some detail in the backround, but really besides that this is your own creation and it is what it is.

A few things like shine in the glasses, texture in the box and some backround scene,



hey not bad if aces are good drawings and design are good so I recommend you as an artist

Love box

Kind of reminds me of when I use to enjoy playing in boxes all the time as well. The art is good and I like the transparent background as well. gives it more of a Newgrounds feel to it anyways.

However I do have to ask. why does he like the box so much? Did he get in the mail form a loved one or what? Oh well, I guess if he loves the box then he loves the box.

Good piece of art anyways.

Review Request Club


This obviously needs some serious work. The first question I have, is why a box? I don't understand the significance of that at all. It kinda comes off as you were just too lazy to finish the drawing so you just made a brown cube and wrote 'box' on it.

The tankman drawing isn't terrible. It's decently accurate but not exceptionally well detailed either. Why is he laughing? Does he think it's funny sitting in a box?

The image is rather small and can't be expanded. The only option I have is to dim the lights, which just makes him blend in with the NG background even more - doesn't help at all.

Overall it's not a terrible drawing, but not really great either. You should probably revamp this to have some kind of purpose or meaning - either that or add some more detail to it to make it interesting. A larger image would be much better as well.


Lacks definition.

Upon seeing this picture, I had much the same reaction as the Tankman had to his precious box: a slight, if somewhat confused, chuckle. In the same vein that I find humor in B-movie horrors, this partially campy picture made me laugh. I'm not entirely sure why, but in getting that enigmatic reaction from me, you've earned some points.

However, I'm afraid that the appeal of this piece is limited. The Tankmen are beloved characters-- almost the de facto mascots of Newgrounds; if you use them, you're really obligated to make something cool. Simply, the Tankman doesn't look great. At the very least, it should look exactly like JohnnyUtah's version, and if you change it, unique stylistic choices must provide new sources of appreciation from the viewer. The shape of his arms and helmet seem sloppy, and the minimal shadowing is lackluster. The lighting effect on the glasses is really what I'm talking about, but it shows promise.

Labeling the box was kind of a funny idea, but the neat text on a crappy old box doesn't look right. Consider making the word box drawn in marker or something over the side of the box. The speech bubble is also kind of ugly; smooth it out a little, and have less empty space in it.

Why does the Tankman have a beard? It doesn't go with the character; if you needed one for the drawing, my best suggestion would be to do a full, bushy, woodsman's beard-- go for the badass look.

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3.19 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2010
3:38 PM EST
Fine Art
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215 x 284 px
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