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blue alien


i got bored

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Quite Odd

-I see i'm a little late to getting around to this piece of art but another review from the club couldn't be a bad thing(at least I hope). Seeing as how i'm a bit rusty and all. I do recall reviewing some of your earlier work though :P

-I think you chose some lovely shades of blue for the creature being imposed. Shading here makes me believe that there is some sort of glowing object in front of him or maybe just the sun. It's however missing and leaves me to wonder.

-Not bad overall but having the small creature in his lonesome on the barren background really takes away from things. Maybe continue work on this and complete the scene.

-Review Request Club

Brain slug?

It reminds me of a Brain Slug from Futurama, though a relatively simple copy, as they had antenna and a more detailed "foot", with slimy ripples around the edge.

The colouring could use a little more work, since it's a wave effect, rather than a blend, where the colours slowly fade from one shade to another. Here, the lines between the colours looks arbitrary and harsh, taking away from the image itself.

A big way to improve would be to expand the drawing - throw in a background and give the piece something to work alongside, showing that there is more to this piece than just the subject. It will help with scaling and perhaps putting people off the fact that it looks a little like a Brain Slug ;)

[Review Request Club]

Pretty good

I actually think this turned out well with the art style and all. I think the only thing missing here is a background to finish it up. It would provide a back story as for maybe where it came from or where it s going.

I like how it is simply standing there and looking forward. Almost as if expecting something of great importance to suddenly happen to it. You also did a great job on shading the eye and body of the alien. I always try to do that with my drawings as to give them a bit more detail and a sense of where they are looking.

Overall, you did a fine job here.

Review Request Club

A nice effort

I've never been a good artist, so I can appreciate how difficult it is to create high quality artwork. I feel that this, however, is not high caliber art, and does not reach the heights of your other pieces.

On the positive side of things, you use shading very successfully. The darker colors on the right of the piece give a successful illusion of depth, and the eye looks upward at an unknown menace with some curiosity. That said, the simplistic style which you've used here isn't always bad, but it doesn't come out particularly good in this case. The lines are rather thin, and the simple figure doesn't give any idea as to what the image is supposed to convey.

My favorite of your work would have to be "purple castle crasher", which more successfully uses your skills with shading and emotion to show an interesting subject; the mostly blue hues of the alien make for a rather uninteresting viewing.

You have a lot of potential Logan, and as you continue to mature with your art, I have no doubt that your work will only become higher quality. But you can kind of tell that you got bored on this one and just decided to whip something up. Before you begin to work, think about what you're trying to portray, what emotion you're trying to show in your subject; that spark of life is what makes art be art.

On a side note, this is my first ever art portal review, and it's been a pleasure writing it for yours. Good luck!

- Review Request Club

lgnxhll responds:

Thanks, you did a good job for your first review

This artist has not been scouted yet.

Credits & Info

Waiting for 1 more vote

Mar 13, 2011
2:49 PM EDT
Fine Art
File Info
110 x 176 px
8 KB

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