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fullview please!

this is a repaint of some zelda redesigns from around a month ago, used more colours this time


Zelda will last forever

If you could somehow get the liscense from Nintendo and make a Zelda Movie with these, I'd go to see it five times its that good

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If the last one was awesome enough...

I love how you draw the characters form TLOZ, the details look really awesome and the redesing looks pretty wondeful (my fav redesing are Sheik and Dark Link)

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Stalfos is my favorite

But i hoped to see king bulblin,
Your work is awesome lenko, i still cant find something like it.
You earned your place in this site, i'm still trying to do that xD
but its hard.

Well cya

Awesome work.

You did a really good job with these. My favorite is the owl ( I forgot his name). One thing though, Shiek looks like a chick in your redesign and he/she is supposed to look like a guy. Other than that, awesome.

Alright, I know I'm annoying, but here goes...

Starting from left to right (not all of them):
-Navi: lacking a well defined torso, makes the waist look really far up... Wings look a bit weird like that as well, though I appreciate your attempt to make her look different.
-Sheik: well, I think she's supposed to look like a guy to some extent... yeah... still look's really cool though.
-Malon: Looks cute, body's proportionate and everything too, but one pupil seems bigger than the other :/
-Goron: Awesome shading, but, why are his legs so far apart? o_e"
-Midna: same issue as with navi, you probably intended it I guess, I just think it looks odd. Oh, and they have a shitload of earrings apparently...
-Pig dude: Looks amazing... but that would scare the shit out of me if I saw it irl...
-Majora: Mask needs to be bigger, the head as well. Also, he has these sort of frills on his had (it's made of some weird cloth or something that got tattered I guess).
-Gerudo lady: *thumbs up*
-Ganon: Like the body, but the head seems weird... sort of scrunched up :c
...wait, what the hell is that thing?! It's freaking awesome though!

My favorites are probably the stalfos, pig dude, and the Gerudo lady... Not very fond of Midna or Skullkid though :c Don't get me wrong though, the others are still awesome, that's why I gave you a ten.

I know I seem like I down-rate things but I'm just looking for flaws. If I don't suggest anything that normally means it's damn near as good as it gets.

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lenkalamari responds:

nah dont worry about it, its definitely good to give crit. its hard to really judge a piece when i've been looking at it for so long so a pair of fresh eyes always helps.

most anatomy warps are a personal decision, you've gotta remember i'm going for the more stylized vibe of wind waker than something like ocarina/twilight princess. but you did mention a few things i didn't pick up on so i can go right back and fix em. thanks

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May 16, 2010
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