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Yes... another boob thumb-nail to add to the portal... this is my submision for the level collab in the art fourms... i just added a jazzy background so it wasnt as plain.... im not keen on her right hand as it looks awful... i might redo this at a later stage... if you find anymore problems just write a comment... i love to see what you people think of it... if you view in full size you can see it alot better...



**UPDATE / 2**
Make the line underneath the raised eyebrow subtler / Add the tip of the ear on other side of head / a couple of belt buckle holes / Shading on abdomen / lips more of a flesh tone green / hair to head problem fixed / added framework / added Shinny skin / repaired some loose shading

**UPDATE / 1**
Redone background / Added shading / Fixed arrow problem



Awesome art.

It's very nice.

One thing is the shading is pretty consistent but at the knees it goes too blocky. The rest of her body its a smooth transition.

LegolaSS responds:

i quite liked how it went blockly and orange/brown... the main focus is the main body and head...


i see what you mean about the hand... in reality gravity would have that bow on the floor. you should have made the fingers one layer, bow the next, then the back of the hand and the wrist on the top.about the W3 thing... i <3 you for that. WC3 pwns. LAEDORON(i think?) server FTW. Nice art. she wouldnt be able to move much with that much encumbrance, she would be slow and they would bounce out from under that strap )=... too bad they didn't

LegolaSS responds:

its art... i can do what ever i like... seems to work in moives and them saucy pop videos... *they use tape :P*... as for the "omg you should have used layers" the hand is on its own layer and im going to sort it out when i have time... beacuse thats one of the reasons its getting bad reviews...

Nice work

Well, this is certainly a piece that could class as a World of Warcraft fan art submission - have you considered sending it in to them so that you can get published there?

I think that your issue with the right hand isn't something to worry about, as it wasn't noticeable, until I read your notes on it all. The detail is good - sparse where it is not needed and not overkill where it comes into play. Lots of high fantasy elves tend to have leaf motifs crawling across their armour and shields. Perhaps this could have been picked out on the armour, to give a nice additional look. I would have worked with making the background look a bit more detailed, giving more shades of green and a more dark, mysterious tone to the piece.

I also think that she's wearing a little too little in key places - If she puts down her quiver, there is more than just a hint of nipple on show. Even in a comical sense, the costume would need to be practical overall. Perhaps a crop top style for the top and then the strap for the quiver between the comically oversized breasts, as this will then accentuate that look as well.

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LegolaSS responds:

well co-op, i like warcraft 3 so thats most likey where it came from... and i dont do art for money... not my style... anyway... it might not be noticeable but it really pisses me off everytime i see it... i wanted to do more to it but i was short on time... i wanted to keep it rather basic as i was still trying new ideas and taking tips from other artists... as for the background i added it as a quick background so that she wasnt just standing in the middle of a grey box... its my piece for the level collab in the art fourms... i have already altered the background so it doesnt stand out as much... i want the main focus to remain where its needed... as for the clothing... i see where your coming from... il keep it in mind for when i do proper pieces and not just blatenly trying to get more views :P

Oo boobz

she remind me like the elf in the " donjon de naheulbeuk" only more sexy and less silly

your art is interesting, because its inconsistant, as if you were still searching for a style that fit you ( not saying this negatively)

what im saying is that none of your work is like the next, wich is good ^^

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LegolaSS responds:

im still trying out new ideas... im currently working from ideas and things i picked up during my studies during Fineart... like you said im still trying to get a style that im happy with... at the moment im getting ideas and tips from all sorts of artists on newgrounds so sometimes a picture might sway closer to a type of artists work... or anothers... im trying to see what people like the most and then work from there... its a learning experiance that it still in the process of doing... i dont want to copy a Style of art... i want to make my own... but to do so i need to learn from others... thanks for the review..

light armor is the best -

- in this case xD
looking damn sexy (thats the only word to describe this :D )

great artwork, nice highlights

LegolaSS responds:

thats for the review... but for future reference... please let me know what i can improve as well as what things you like... its nice to know you like, but please leave some crit next time... thanks again for the review :3

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Aug 23, 2009
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