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This is an illustration i made with the idea that superheros were reading the newspaper "CHARLIEHEBDO", who has been attacked by terrorists in Paris few days ago.

This a COPY with markers and pencils of the work of M.Albert CO, a digital Illustrator Professional working for Disney:
here's a link to his amazing work:

My creativity is in the reinterpretation of the newspaper i changed from the original picture i copied,
here's a link to this picture:

i'll understand if people think it's not creativity, but stealing albert co's work, it's the photorealistic style that brang me to copy pictures.
I did this to have a really good tecnical exercise, and i enjoyed to use pencils and markers father Christmas brang to me 2 weeks ago :) the result is ok for me


you have a sure work of talent going keep up the good work!

This is incredible! Effects are great, angles are great, characters are identifiable and look so real!.. Very, very well done!

Hello there fellow earthling,
hope you've had a great day so far ^^

This piece is insanely well done and makes me want to practice with my Copic Markers ^^
I don't know about you "stealing" Alberts Co's work, since you made sure to mention and link it, I personally don't see anything wrong with that.

I do appreciate it very much that you decided to include the Charlie Hebdo Cover and reading the comments you've got for it, it sure has value to make a point in posting it - So, thank you for that :)

I for one do believe it's crucially important to respect others no matter who they are but do not expand that unconditional respect to their belief-system. If one feels offended by an expression of anothers thoughts and viewpoints, though luck. As long as you are not hurting someone (*cough*) you are free to say, think, sing, draw, cook... whatever you want.
Remember, "I am offended" never is, never has been and hopefully never will be a valid argument.

Best wishes to you and I hope to see more awesome, Copic-triggering stuff from you

je déteste de devoir dire ça mais c'est du pure rassiseme vous ne pouvez pas insulter la religion de quelqu'un et puis vous honorez les coupables si par exemple vous lisez notre Qoran ensuite nous juger ça serrer juste ou au moins respecter nos pensés et a quoi nous croyons et les veritables musulman ne feront jamais quelque chose d'aussi horrible. je veux clarifier que se n'est pas une insulte vers personne et merci mais le portrait était bien fait

Hi from Belgium! I'm not a fan of Charlie Hebdo but your work is great..I'm sure that your camera doesn't capture the full details of your art so I can just imagine that that paper is so much better out there!

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