Under The Hunter's Moon


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One of my best paintings to ever end up on deviantart.

For your reading pleasure I've also submitted its original accompanying story in all it's cheesy glory (with the most cringy typos fixed) ... I honestly thought I was such a great author when I first wrote it.

The last night of the hunter’s month that year was cool one.

Sylen was wandering the ruins of an old ghost town first hit hard by raiders before finally being done in by the Maelstrom.

A small dark form lopes in the withered underbrush following not far behind.

The only sound is the howl of wind and the rustle of leaves.

Looking over her shoulder Sylen watches the moonlight behind her. Wisps of yellow phosphorescence flow across the sky from the huge white disc like the essence of tea leafs into a vast black sea.

Glancing towards the sound of rustling leaves she caught sight of that little aforementioned beast rummaging through the foliage not far behind.

With a tiny mischievous smile Sylen reaches a hand into a concealed pocket of her cloak and withdraws a small leather ball and tosses it into the brush not far from the forager.

The ball lands about 15 feet away with a crash into a patch of tall dried grass. In a flash of shadow the creature pounces on the ball with expected and yet still surprising vigor.

Sylen laughs at her companion’s inspiring display of reflexes before asking Derial if he had found anything in those rotten roots of his.

Derial emerges from the grass, ball held firmly in his jaws. With good humoured confidence the dark furred mote pads his way towards Sylen and gallantly drops the leather ball at her feet, “This fine ball,” he says before sitting down on the spot and striking a regal pose reminiscent of a two and a half foot tall lion, “and some stray mouse, rat, wren, and raven bones. All of which I can gladly fetch for you,”

“I’ll thank you kindly for the fine ball but you may keep your stray bones,” Sylen responds with a chuckle.


Sylen had at first questioned Derial when he had begun to accompany her on her patrols and hunting trips almost a month ago. The Paersis mote’s uncanny ability to discern minute details and differences had come in handy for foraging, tracking and hunting small game. With a look back at the moon Sylen wondered where she’d be right now without him. Of course being the perceptive spirit he is Derial caught that look and with a certain smile in his bright eyes said,

“You’ll do fine without me,”

“I’m not so worried about me... I was thinking about where you’ll go when the sun comes up”

“I’ll be back beyond the moon. This isn’t my first cycle down here, you know. It won’t be my last either.”

“So you’ll be back next year?”

For a split second, a pained look crossed Derial’s face and while Sylen’s eyes were not as sharp as his she still saw it. Derial soberly said, “I can’t guarantee anything Sy,”

Sitting near the crackling fire with Derial curled up close by, Sylen watched the last streams of moonlight before dawn trickle forth from the year's last moon of the hunter. When the last drop of moonlight finally fades in its telltale way a new blade of light begins to rise thinly against the eastern horizon.



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Very nice work here

And wow yes this gets the wow factor the colorful outfit on the character was cool the shine on the hair and the details you added though out you made a great detailed and quality character that moon in the backround was notbad either and with that I think you can make more of a glow and shine on everything else so just another idea to try out

Have the moon shine more down and brighter so it brings reflection and light onto the character


A long backstory for this one! And beautiful character art, too. I love the detail in texture and color. The swirls, gnarled branches, edges and cloth. The fantasy-like vibe of it all, and waterpaint-like color. It really sets the mood/atmosphere. Nice work.


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