A Koopa's Revenge 3 Playable Character Concept Art


Group shot of the main playable characters for A Koopa's Revenge 3. I'm still working on them. This is a very early preproduction concept only, so nothing is final, and all is subject to change.

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i cant wait for new game

Lambtaco responds:

Ty not to pop holding n your anticipation ;)

yo Im really excited for this game and how its gonna evolve the characters with abilities and playstyles and its really cool of you to make 2.0 of akr2 it makes the game more enjoyable but what play styles are the characters gonna have like their weight speed all of that stuff id love to know Im trying to support you as much as i can but how can i do it also is goomba gonna be a girl and are there gonna be costumes pirana plant is a great addition to the squa
d he fits right in

Lambtaco responds:

The character attributes aren't set in stone yet, but my plan so far is as follows:
Koopa - The Mario. Average strength, acceleration, traction, and jumps. Has the ability to hide in his shell or do a shell slide attack.
Goomba - Sort of a more expert character. Low strength, high acceleration and traction, with average jumps. She can do a spinjump.
Shy Guy - The Luigi. Lowish strength, average acceleration, very low traction, very high jumps. He can duck to charge a super jump.
Piranha Plant- The Heavy. High strength, low accel, high traction, and the worst jumps of the bunch. He can break blocks without any powerups, and hide in his pot/pipe thing. Might give them a stunning ground pound, not sure yet.

Goomba is totally a girl.

No costumes. 3 reasons:
1. Costumes would interfere with the powerup system of 2D Mario, and how they change the characters appearance.
2. The characters will have distinct personalities that should come across in their clothing choices.
3. Adding costumes to a 2D, frame-by-frame animated game would be an enormous amount of work.

Looking amazing so far!
Also do you think you can release it before 2020? And is it possible to make a desktop version?

EDIT: yeah, and about the year thing, i was referring to the discontinuation of flash.

Lambtaco responds:

I definitely can't release it that soon. That's less than a year away and the game is still in preproduction. However, the game will have a desktop version, yes.

What if there's a secret character? Like if you defeat the final boss with all the characters you'll unlock a secret character like Kooprio? The Koopa that's disguised as Mario? I think Kooprio will be a good secret character!

Lambtaco responds:

I've already got my own ideas for additional characters, but thanks for the suggestion.

Classy Mario characters with a twist! The plant in particular looks pretty cool, with lips chapped in a pattern that almost makes it seem reptilian. Snakeskin lips. Nice concept art.


Lambtaco responds:

Thanks. I totally stole the lip thing from Petey Piranha though.

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Jul 23, 2018
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