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The Father of Forums - Part 2



This is Frollab, the collab dedicated to our forum mod/father Fro.

Text by @BillyRedSnake.

Part 1 Part 1.5 Interlude

Part 2

Fro climbs to the top of a mountain in Nepal, the cold was unbearable for a man who refused to wear a shirt 70% of the time. His journey was not in vain though, as he’d finally reached the dojo of his old ninja master. He noticed one peculiar detail though, he certainly didn’t remember a giant apple design on the door when he’d trained there years before.

He entered the Dojo to find even more apple branding on everything in the building. Approaching his old master, Fro saw that he was eating a fruit… Do I really need to say what kind? “Fro, so nice to see you!” the master greeted, “What brings you here?”

Fro shook his head, “Not good news, unfortunately.” he stated, “I’m having a problem with some ninja shit and I was hoping you could help.”

The master stroked his chin, “Ninja shit, you say? Well, it certainly couldn’t be one of my students, as they’re all taught to follow the sacred rule first and foremost.” he explained, gesturing to a sign on the wall that read “Don’t be a Kung Fool, evil is uncool.”

Fro nods in understanding, “Of course, I just thought it was worth checking.” he stated, “Thank you for your time, master.” he said as he left.

Once he was gone, the master pulls out an iPad, opening a the video-chat app to contact his boss, “Mr. Jobs, we have a problem.”

“Then you know what to do.” the man said, “Kill him.”

Part 2.5 Part 3 Part 3.5 Part 4

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"Fro climbs to the top of a mountain in Nepal, the cold was unbearable for a man who refused to wear a shirt 70% of the time."

Yeah, you know you're right when it comes to that... But to become this strong one must endure the elements. Shirtless.

I absolutely love this cartoony style. I think it's perfect in terms of the wackiness of this script.

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Jul 9, 2020
12:53 PM EDT
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