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My first try at digital painting.
Still in the works!
Elysse from my current game project.

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the shades

in a moment is with gradient and in other no ? why ? and the colour get out the line

Kumakun4 responds:

"WIP" means "Work In Progress", meaning it's not complete yet :D
The basic shading is just me testing to see if it looks good before putting any effort into it.
The bleeds are because I didn't bother cleaning the color that I hadn't worked on yet.

Minor mistakes pile up.

One of the things many people like me dislike about anime is how unrealistic and clumped together the hair looks. For instance, this picture. Some artists can pull it off, but you're only halfway there. It almost looks like you placed a gradient on the appropriate areas, although I know you most likely used the paintbrush tool combined with the blur tool or layered together multiple colors at once. My suggestion? Look at CLAMP's art, most remarkably 'Clover'. It has amazing detail, and that's the kind of art many people would actually appreciate and not just 'enjoy to look at'. Try drawspace.com to study how the hair strands are shaded--also, another piece of advice that you might have already heard... do not shade every strand. Otherwise it'd look bad. And please, please, give your hair more value--it looks rather dull with only two or three different 'shades' of yellow.

You seem to have avoided mistakes many beginners and novices have made--making the upper arms too long. Your elbows match up with the end row of the ribs, which is a good thing and you should pass that little secret on to any crappy animu artists so they'll one day become as good as Alien, Tae Kim, CLAMP, or Takashi (probably misspelled her name, but she's the creator of Inuyasha.)

The shading on the body and face are competent in nearly all parts, however I noticed it's slightly lacking in one area--the legs (which, strangely, has color bleeds through them and I assume this is intentional, so I'm not going to comment on that... since, this is a WIP and all.)

The shading on the folds of the jeans make it appear more sloppy than it really is. I'm not one to speak, for I don't draw jeans very often and usually only draw gowns and breeches, but I know that with a reference this would look miles better. And another thing: The values on the skin and bandages is good. Do the same thing on your hair and jeans and whatsoever.

Hopefully you won't forget to do the belt. Don't pick a color scheme that will ultimately work against the rest of the piece, is all I can say.

A background would be cool. Dunno what setting she's supposed to be in, but maybe something post-war could work. Just my thoughts.


Don't ever insult an aspiring realism artist without first getting to know the background information on their pieces... or it won't end well.

Kumakun4 responds:

I have no idea why you bothered critiquing a WIP that was also a first attempt at doing something other than cell-shading, but I appreciate the time you took to write this nonetheless.
I don't intend to draw bishoujo, so I will steer clear of CLAMP.


You may want to heed your own advice.

Coming along nice,

Your value on the skin is great man, just have some more areas to clean up. but why did you have to change her hair color. The blue was dope man. Anyway sool shit keep on keepin' on.

Kumakun4 responds:

Thanks man :D
Blond was just an attempt at something different, I probably will keep it blue.

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May 25, 2011
9:22 PM EDT
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