Sanford - For Deimos


More drawings. I really gotta color this one.

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Very nice

Yes do indeed color this one I could see some type of reflection off the glasses too but as for it as a black and white this was pretty amazing work and just a beautiful piece even without color it's pretty solid work so keep doing what you do and draw

Keep making great stuff


I know that it's a faux pas to criticize one of NG's biggest giants but I honestly have to say that your artwork has gotten worse over the years. Well I admit you've gotten much better at the finer details, your general form has gotten worse.

The first thing I want to point out is how his leg is angled, have you ever seen someone spread their thigh out by forty degrees with their shin & foot facing forward, as if he were extending his leg ahead of himself instead of the side? His pose is so unnatural and forced, legs do not pivot on their joints like that. It wouldn't be so bad if his knee were tilted inward but it's somehow angled outward. I know you did that on purpose because you wanted that cool straight on shot of his boot, but it comes off like his knee is broken.

Also note the hand above it, it's awkwardly designed; the human hand is supposed to be curved but his fingers are arranged in a row like boxes lined up together on the ground. It also doesn't help that his thumb is conjoined to his index finger. Not to mention that his distal phalanges is too small on his index finger, it's a stub. It doesn't help that his hand is positioned upward while his arm is positioned down. It gives the impression that his hand doesn't have metacarpals, which is made worse by the line that branches from the middle knuckle into the thumb. In fact, that gives the impression that the thumb is somehow set behind the metacarpals altogether, because that's where his metacarpals are supposed to start, which suggests that his thumb is connected straight into his forearm.

I felt this was relevant to criticize because I just saw your blog post in September last year and I got a good look at your commissioned drawing of Sanford: http://blogimg.ngfiles.com/969000/969799/49450891_Cs7KN0UUsAALc0J.jpg

Look at the deformities of his right shoulder, the collarbone on his right side doesn't even exist and his neck plunges straight into right arm. In fact, his sternocleidomastoid muscle connects straight into his shoulder.

"Remember that man your thugs gunned down in the Magnification Chamber? He was my friend. I want revenge, but Hank over here already killed those two particular thugs. I'll settle for killing their boss. ...Oh, and one last thing: He had a name. It was Deimos. I'll be sure to carve it onto your eyelids so you don't forget."

He is so HOT!

Madness combat 10....
Sanford : THIS IS FOR DEIMOS!!!!!!!!!!
Mag Hank : Show'em what you've got

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Oct 1, 2012
1:54 PM EDT
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