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Kicky punchy lady.



You seem to have a few of these.

So since you do have a fewof these maybe you should do some "COLOR" versions i think youdo have something differant here as you do, put in a backround type with these, and im thinking if those were all colored and the character in black and white it would give of a nice touch of black and white with a mix of color, just something to think about and would make for a really good combonation, but the "DRAWING" is good nice sharp lines and you also give abit of sexy-ness and thats always cool too, so nice job on this one.

And so here we have some more decent work, its not perfect but is a good piece, and could use some little tidbits of changes here and there, but not much but i do think some of the advice may help so give the ideas a chance, unless you are completly happey with your piece. Well as suggested above you can have some color and some black andwhite maybe with this one you can have the backround colored and the character black and white, just an idea though.

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dear krinkles i wonder if you can make more guns, armor,sword,helments,goggles, and stuff from madness project: nexus because i am the master in there because i am in leavel 104 to 105 ! and i unlocked the whole thing of moves and what to carry or something or whst ever all of the upgrade is yellow and the name in the game is hank with a lower case H no capitile plus i look like sho kong but with the giants armor on the body and i'm not joking it was a long time to do it though and i got ninja staps with a skull too p.s it's because i've played a lot to day any ways nice art from one of your fans hank35

This is awesome! Although I must confess I'm not entirely down with the right angle of the face, BLAZBLUE FOR THE WIN! I'd love to see your take on some other characters, like Arakune, Valkenhyne, Tager, or Lamda.

I think this is a pretty good picture but it's still weird to see you make this sort of thing. I honestly can't even believe you did make this! It looks so much like another artist. But I'm not being disrespectful, I think this is a pretty nicely done drawing. Are these characters ever going to show up in one of your cartoons? You truly are experimenting with different styles. I like how you can see part of her cleavage, lol.

I never knew you could be so good at drawing women. Just, um, make them more beautiful, huh? I'm being crazy, but anyway, I do kind of wish there were some color versions of this stuff. I like the little doll she has in her hair. I guess I don't play the SF games enough to recognize her.

Krinkels responds:

Yeah it IS kind of weird. I've been really forcing myself into different artistic endeavors. Once I make a big ol' pile of these sketches (yes, more are on the way), I intend to start coloring them. But of course, I only get at this when I have time away from Madness related goings-ons.

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Apr 12, 2012
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