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Well i was messing with the wacom of class and i ended up with something like the right drawing. At home just reinterpretated the character. All done in flash.

I tried to give him a queer child looking face with a mad max background, and while i was thinking more in ONE piece exagerated guys i thought that i found an interesting character for Borderlands. Endeed i dont like Brick's design, he has cartoon chest proportions but legs are just normal, and that tremendous neck... I play with it but... don't like Brick.

I toyed around with details like frekels (speled like that?) tatoos and scars so its quite eclectic lol.
But in the end i liked his jerk face.

I dont like posting random artworks,
but i think this one quite defines my style, so ppl i review will know a little about me if they bother

next Post wont talk about me ^^


I have to say...

This is well done, but he looks to small to be a berserker. His disproportioned anatomy was what made Brick the perfect berserker. Your character looks more like his special ability would act as a rabid psycho? Physical aggression mixed with extreme agility. (and that knife). I know Brick goes fast, but hes still a brawler.
By the way, there will be a Borderlands 2, so cheer up. Dont trust the fan forums at all, I heard rumors and hints dropped straight from Gearbox. :)


It's a good picture of a homosexual looking beefy guy, but I don't see how it REALLY has anything to do with borderlands. He'd have to have a barrel chest and be an agro kick ass mother fucker. And I don't think there will be a borderlands 2. :D Anyways, Nice work.

kreeslak responds:

Oh seriously no BL2? u___U

Well i like to think that a whole inhospitable new planet like pandora would lead to develop many different characters and personalities to contrast, you know i ended up liking Brik and his crazy Euroeast mafian face, but you know its fun to see diferents combinations from the tipical , Skiny Hunter, Sexy healer, Balanced commando, and chuby tnak... thnx for reviewing ^^

Wait a minute.

Is this like what the acual berserker will look like in Borderlands 2, or is this your idea of what you think or want the berserker looks like? Anyway, still nice work.

-Isaac Shadow

kreeslak responds:

Well i don't want the berserk to look like this, its a bit extreme design, but maybe an option to choose between different berserkers and one of those have a more risky design to have more interesting storylines and characters.

(a queer like slim white guy its not the most attractive character for geenral gammers who prefer to feel identified with Kratos, by teh way, Kratos he may have been quite a bisexual pedophile back in his days but that's another thing, you know those greek crazy times)


teaming up with someone and making up with someone to create a flash with that character could be fun if done right. I want to say I want to see that.

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kreeslak responds:

I love to team up with people
but i love to animate by myslef too
i'll mail u a quikie flash with this guy ^^


Good class but, dont they already have a Berserker on Borderlands?

kreeslak responds:

Yea its just an alternative to choose between brick or this one, also it would be cool to have a slightlly different skill tree for this "kind" of berserk

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Jan 5, 2010
11:05 AM EST
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