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Just turned 17, im going to attend an art college soon, until then, i'll pwning noobs in highschool ap art. ;) Drew this several months ago.


Thats a First

I never agree with mindchamber, but hes right here. Dont crit people when you have a terrible understanding of anatomy kid.

why is he missing feet?

are you simply omitting parts you cant draw, or is this bandit a ghost? its pretty obvious this was heavily reference. Even still the volume on the sloppy hatchet job you did with the shading is distracting and ugly.

The bend on the left arm is flat, theres no forshortening or volume on that forearm, making it look almost cartoony. same goes for the hand and its lack of bone structure.

learn some anatomy.

Ive seen 16 year olds in highschool with better a better grasp of the human anatomy.

get back to them studies.

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i looked at your forum post. you got skill so i recommended you to the portal. Get 4 submissons up!

Unfinished sketch.

This is a semi-good attempt at drawing a character. Too bad the only thing you know how to handle is shading, but with no conceptual idea of how lighting works that doesn't take you very far I'm afraid. Study some lighting.

The only part of this that is appealing to me is the belt, it's actually quite nice, it has some weight to it and it feels like its hanging there.

The feet are missing. Study some anatomy.

I would love to have seen some anatomy take further than the clay molding-look. Or atleast some definate modelling of the body, it's very flat at the moment, I can't even make out if he's soppused to be skinny or built, or maybe just a little bit unexercised? Study some more anatomy.

I can't understand what kind of weapon it is in his hand either. It could be a revolver, but I assume that you would have taken some time to learn how a revolver looks like before drawing one, seeing how you know how to tell others about this concept. Google the word "revolver".

The pose is interesting in its own way. I can't understand why he would stand like that. The effect it has on the character is, in my eyes, giving him a confused, weak look, maybe he's mentally ill. Maybe he has a muscular disease. Who knows? Study some poses.

The clothes he's wearing has no folds at all that i can see. are they made out of plastic or wood or something? Interesting kind of armor, I give you that.

The background is a bit bland, not very interesting at all. Allthough, it might be a snowy day. That would explain the hidden feet though. And his unnatural pose. I do really think it would have been better with a clear sunny day, maybe somewhere were bandits usualy live?

Lastley, i don't know what you are trying to do with the effect on the pants, but you really made my eyes focus on his croutch. Maybe it's some kind of artistic expression that just don't shine all the way through for me, but I just find it pure annoying.

Overall, its a OK sketch, it would be lovely to see something you spent some time on! Thumbs up!

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kr8to responds:

its hella old

Looks good!

Might like to see a better texture in the jeans and his right arm is a little awkward, but it looks great other than that.

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Aug 10, 2009
1:04 AM EDT
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