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Manacle of Midnight


It looks like the Cursed Garb, Manacle of Midnight, lives up to it name!

"Defeat your enemies without having to lift a finger!" 

Physical Attack: -100%

Magical Attack: -100%

Physical Defense: +100%

Magical Defense: +100% 

Resistances: Most Elemental Based Attacks +69%

Weaknesses: Wind -69%

Bonus: Changes of inflicting the Charm status effect on a designated target +69% 

Curse: "Once this garb is worn, it can not be removed by the wearer."

  • The Manacle of Midnight will change out with another cursed garb, if one exists in your inventory after the wearer has completed 5 tasks: 3 of which must be formal affairs.
  • If you have another cursed garb to switch to, the curse will be broken by completing the new garbs task limits.
  • However, if you have more then one additional cursed garb in your inventory, you must complete all task limits for the garbs in your inventory be fore the curse can be broken.
  • Additionally, If the wearer has completed 5 tasks with no other cursed garbs in their inventory, besides the Manacle of Midnight. They must complete an additional 15 tasks to break the curse.
  • If a new cursed Garb is found after the additional task limit has been started, the new Garb will be changed out after the additional task list has been completed.

Accessory Slot: Stockings of Subjugation "This item can only be equipped with Manacle of Midnight."

  • This item will increase wind resistance by +30%.
  • Changes of inflicting the charm status on a target is increased by +30%.
  • An additional 3 tasks will be completed when this item auto equips: 2 of which must be formal affairs.

Accessory Curse: "When this item is equipped, the wearer will feel the compulsion to follow any task or order asked of them."

  • Attempting to refuse or resist the compulsion will result in a decrease in movement speed by 10%.
  • This will continue to stack until 100% of all movement speed is lost. If this happens, all tasks completed will be reduced to zero and the wearer must start over again.
  • The compulsion to follow orders is removed, by the wearer's movement speed will be permanently reduced by -50% as long as this accessory is equipped.


Commissioned by me and created by the fantastic https://twitter.com/Bearbuckscoffee 

Based of her garb in lighting returns, Midnight Mauve.

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ONGOMHOFNWHLQVR7IXTGICNZJFEYL fuck you are trying to kill me holy shitshitshitshit

Credits & Info

4.71 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2020
1:39 PM EST
File Info
3072 x 4096 px
911.4 KB

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