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Jennifer Arcadia Williams


Ever since she was a child, Jennifer Arcadia Williams always wanted to be a police detective. Having a love of noir, pulp, mystery and crime thrillers. She dreamed of solving mysteries and chasing down the baddies. However, Jennifer is an Albino woman, like her father. Which gave her a myriad of health issues: high sensitivity to light, mild blood anemia, overheating, and direct sun exposure causing mild irritation and draining her of energy. Making her susceptible to over exertion and fatigue.

She had done many things to try and mitigate her condition. With success in making her reacts less severe. But the DPD still refused to let her join. Even though she aced the exams. They feared her being too much of a potential liability. Even though she would gladly do night shifts exclusively. The Dunbar Police Department didn’t want to take the risk.

Instead of being disheartened and giving up completely, she decides to shift her focus and become a PI instead. 

Where she unintentionally made a name for herself as a paranormal investigator. While she did have a love for the strange and the ‘unexplained’. She never actually believed that the supernatural existed. Even though there were times she'd wished otherwise.

She was just willingness to investigate things that others would dismiss as superstitious nonsense. Granted these cases were rare, but they happened frequently enough that Jennifer sometimes wondered if maybe there was…something out there. 

Then one day why helping consult a case with the local police. She discovered that the supernatural and paranormal did exist. The case leading her to a secret society of magic wielders who have taken upon themselves to keep supernatural incidents in check and from keeping the rest of the world from knowing. Fearing the dangers, it might bring. 

Even more surprising, her best friend Catharine was also a part of this order of witches. After a rocky start. Both the Society and Jennifer knew they needed each other’s help. Not only with the current mess, but with future incidents as well.

Now, with the House of Blackwater at her back and with the aid of her friends, the young PI faces a world she had only dared dream of! 

Born: January 3rd (age 23)

Height: 5'0"

Personality: Bold, Driven, and incredibly brazen. (Tired of people's bullshit.)

Wears goggles when she outside due to her light sensitivity. 

Her pupils are faded.

Brought to life by the fantastic https://www.deviantart.com/stereoscopecomics

Now you can find him Here: https://stereoscopecomics.newgrounds.com/

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Jul 16, 2020
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