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Carmela Treviso


Made a bunny stripper a while back and decided to actually refine the design and throw her into my own little universe I've been brewing up. Even wrote up a little snippet to introduce her to you all:

The curtains pulled back on the box that resided on stage left. From the shadows stepped a rabbit, caramel in color, with long, dark hair that covered her downward facing ears. Scantily clad in a blue and white dancer’s uniform, she stepped out from the box that contained her as the music began to play. Her movements, reflecting the music that accompanied her performance, started soft and tender. As she swayed, the loincloth that left little to the imagination on her slender frame began to flow between her legs in a wave-like pattern, and the belt that rested above it, white in color, began to take on the appearance of the crests of the waves that flowed between her legs. As the music rose to crescendo, so did her dancing. Her hips and buttocks gyrating to every beat, her breasts heaving and crashing, the calm ocean waves becoming a torrent. She twirled around, showing her back to the audience, and subsequently her chroma. A rich, blue mark just above her tail gave a hint to her audience what would come next; using her powers to command water, waves began to flow onto the stage and surround her. She twirled and danced among the waves and as the music reached its peak, they came crashing down over her, engulfing her entirely. As the waves connected back to the stage, they began to take shape, splitting off into a dozen copies of the rabbit that commanded them.

Koros had never seen anything quite like this in his life. The beauty and magic of her dance enthralled him, and he couldn’t dare look away for fear of missing a single moment of her performance. As this rabbit and her water clones twirled on stage, something peculiar happened. It was a fleeting moment, maybe he had just imagined it, but for one solitary second her eyes had met his, and he felt as if he were suddenly dropped into the middle of a raging ocean storm. The intensity of her gaze belied the joyous nature of her performance, conveying an overwhelming sadness just below the surface. Koros felt himself begin to well up, and as a tear cascaded down his cheek to the ground below, the water clones collapsed on stage, marking the end of the rabbit’s performance. She took a bow, and the crowd erupted into applause, and as she raised her head back up, she looked his way again, a smile flickering across her face. Koros knew then that he had to meet this girl.

“Please give another round of applause for the enchanting Miss Carmela Treviso!” the Ringmaster bellowed as she exited the stage. “If your appetite had not been WHET before, I'm sure after a performance like that it certainly is! Those in the front of the audience please feel free to take a towel and dry yourselves off as we take a moment to prepare our stage for our next performance”

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4.59 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2020
1:13 PM EDT
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1080 x 1920 px
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