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After the Beach Rush... (Agent Green)


Agent Green sketch set! This is based on a real reaction I got to a piece I did last year from someone I was working with then. This is more or less my year-late response. I was unsure and almost uncomfortable while drawing the Agent Green piece I did earlier last Spring because of it, in which something I wasn’t really intending or had drawn out to be cheesecake winds up being one to someone at a high professional level.

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Don’t listen to that yowlife guy. He’s just butt hurt because he thinks it’s acceptable and appropriate to sexually harass women like this.

The dude thinks that he can sneak a sleazy comment like that? You just DON'T do it. The guy automatically becomes an asshole the moment he said, "nice breasts". Also, she can gut punch him if he wanted to. He was being a dick. Social commentary aside; this looks great. Keep up the great work~

I take issue with the story here.
This guy opens up by saying hi and talking to her about an earlier event where she stopped a "runaway mail truck". So we immediately know he's not being perverse, he's wants to mention a good deed she did. This also sets up the idea that this girl is a good person if this event from earlier is anything to go by. Right after he decides to compliment her breasts, she takes offense and punches him in the nuts.

There are 3 things wrong with this:
1. His words did not justify a rude retaliation.
Yes it's an awkward thing for a guy to say, but the way he says "Nice Breasts" is shown to not be objectifying.; It's like if someone said nice stomach. In truth, she should have used an awkward response, like saying "(Awkward face)Wow I didn't notice..." or "Why are you talking about my breasts?".

If you wanted him to seem rude, he should have objectified her. Make him say "Nice jugs" or "Ya got some juicy melons", so he actually compares her chest to something to objectify it. This would call for a retaliation, however not a physical one.

2. The action does not fit her character.
There may be more pages to this story, but based off the material presented here, her violent outburst does not match her "heroic-persona".

3. Her action isn't even clever.
When you break down what happens, a guy comes up says some words, and a girl just punches him. Let's assume he does say an insensitive phrase that isn't "Nice breasts".
-Something like "Sweet Milk-bags!"
Character-wise, anyone can defeat someone by punching them, but it's a cheap way to defeat someone who's being mean. What would have looked better is if she used a comeback line to humiliate him. Something like "Thanks, you too", "I can't say the same for your nuts", or even a genuine rejection "Thanks, you're not getting any though".
Even if you wanted her to use violent action, punching is too severe. Typically the accepted response would be a slap. Heck her right arm in the 3rd panel is perfectly place to back-hand this guy's face.
Afterwards you can even have her respond with the comeback, something like "Can't say the same for your manners."

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4.10 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2019
7:26 PM EDT
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1200 x 4800 px
2.5 MB

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