Business dinner (event of the week)


A group of nobles are meeting to eat and catch up with their businesses.


 Soon, spurred by a couple of glasses of wine, all of them start to speak cheerfully, smugly boasting of their finances and their agreements.


 One of them doesn't seem very interested in the conversation. His mind seems to be elsewhere while stirring the contents of his plate with disinterest.

 Suddenly something rubs him below the table and he abruptly jumps out of his reverie, pounding the table with his knees. The rest of the diners become surprised with the exception of the woman sitting in front of him that shrugs and giggles.

"Already with drunken hiccuping? Heh!, these young merchants, They surely love wine! HAHAHAHA!" Says a nobleman with big mustache, sitting next to the man who just jumped, as he hits his back with the palm of his hand.


 "The way to fix that is by drinking a little more," adds filling his glass. "Where were we ... Oh yes! Taxes" And so all return to dive into the conversation.

 All but the man who has been rubbed. He, somehow confused, scrutinizes the woman who's sitting in front. She speaks and laughs, seemingly oblivious to him, but the man looks down and realises that the reality is quite different.

 The woman is barefoot, crossing her leg under the table to reach the man's crotch, playing with her foot. In the blink of an eye, the man's cock hardens by the pressure and grip of her silk covered little toes.

 The woman is still talking with the others, as if her brazen leg was not her business, sometimes when she switches her interlocutor and her gaze slides over the man, this, for a moment, can see how the woman's face changes into a wolfish leer.

 In front of the stiffness of the man's penis, her foot changes its movements, and switches from kneading and stroking, to press hard and rub rhythmically.

 The man, clearly nervous and afraid of being discovered, gives her a begging gaze to the woman that now draws her attention completely on him. In response the woman chuckles and squints, increasing tin both pressure and speed.

 The man stifles a groan unconsciously hitting the table with his hand. He doesn't care anymore about the dinner and businesses, he just don't care anymore about the other diners.

 The foot moves faster and faster each time tightening the penis against his belly. The woman slightly bounces due to her jerky movements, shaking her breasts and opening her mouth to gasp, clearly excited.

 The man can't stand it anymore and rests on the back of his chair releasing himself to the pleasure, ready to explode.

 "Rao... Rao... The hell Rao! I'm talking to you. Hahahaha! I think I was wrong! No more wine for the boy! Hahaha! "Says the noble with mustache while removing the young's cup. "As I was saying ... Could you have a shipment ready for the next week? ¿Uhm ...? "

 The moustache man looks down and spots the foot of the noblewoman fiddling with the sperm that comes from the fabric of Rao's pants. "Lina, dammit! Do you want to stop distracting Rao? We're doing business!"

 The woman takes her foot off and drinks a sip of her drink as she puts her eyes in response. By leaving the glass she licks her lips and winks at Rao, just before going back to the conversation.





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