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Might as well upload these for the sake of activity since I'm still in the middle of scriptwriting.
This is a small collection of drawings I made while trying to find the final visual style for this character, hence some of them have different proportions, especially her faces. None of these designs are final (but almost) since I'm still working on her final concept art to use as a ref while animating.

all characters (c) kmau


Almost flawless ! just some wrinkles here and there that look out of place(or unnecesary if you like to say it like that), but hey ! What is a simple flaw compared with all the things you got right ? this is amazing !

kmau responds:

Thanks, it would be sad if there were no flaws to look back at!

I love this character you have here, she's very pretty, unique, kind and tough-looking all at once. I like her very sepia-looking color palette with that vibrant yellow-green hair, it really pops out.

Other than just the character design, you really understand posing, anatomy, and shading very well. I like the way the line-work looks too, it's clean but it looks naturally drawn as well. This is the exact kind of artwork I've always wanted to be able to draw. Nice job!

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kmau responds:

Thanks a lot, glad you like it! I don't want her hair to pop out that much really, it's just that my computers color display blows and I didn't fix her color palette yet.
Regarding 2nd paragraph: You're still young so you have plenty of time to surpass us all!

i absolutely love your art!!! it is so crispy and consistent! gonna stalk and browse through all of your stuff, now. 'u'

kmau responds:

Thanks! Wouldn't call it consistent though, there's alot of experimentation with different shapes going on (Even though some are probably details only I notice).

Very interesting looking character. I wonder what she looks like when she is angry. (If she ever gets angry).

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kmau responds:

Oops, totally forgot that emotion.

man O.O , that's just amazing :D

kmau responds:

Thanks :)

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Aug 18, 2013
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