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These are all the character designs for my story I finished so far with their exact colors, size and some relevant stuff in the background. I spent so much time learning anatomy just to draw deformed people, yay! I'd love to tell you the background story for each of them but well, patience.

Edit: Adjusted Senry's face according to her current design.

all characters (c) kmau


All characters are well balanced style-wise, my fav is the shadowguy.. he looks interesting. I would like to know his story^^

These characters all look so full of personality, I like the different shapes and sizes. The green haired one really doesn't fit with the rest; her features are more realistically defined and she looks Disney-esque. Good work on everything else.

kmau responds:

Thanks! Her design is off on purpose since she is in a sorta reverse-roger-rabbit situation.

Seems intrestin'. Might havta see it.

yes, yes the characters are good, but people...
look! the background! the background is screaming a story there, holy shit that background, there are rocks failing, vehicles flying, buildings floating, spies snipping, and those 2 enourmous things is that a giant cyclops behind the main characters? and at the far right of the whole thing.. is that a think tank?

man this story can be big! you know im sold every time a story comes with a great environment i know even if the characters end sucking you can always look at the scenery, good thing that even the characters have that wackiness to make them interesting, that's it im gonna stalk you on DA just to get more info on this.

Good job, i didn't believe it with the animation and the other images, i was sure it was good but didn't got to see more of what it was to come, but with this sneak peak at the city, it just made it for me.

now please don't tell me the background is a random drop of creativity just to fill the pic.

kmau responds:

Glad you like it that much. I can't see that cyclops anywhere but that's another reason to leave the background to your imagination! All I can say is that everything in it is relevant to the story (of which the first animation didn't even encompass 5%).

I love it! You have a fantastic eye for how to use shape well and create memorable characters! They're really great. Your lines and colors are clean and stylistically interesting, the silhouettes are strong, I could go on. Keep up the awesome work and thanks for sharing!

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kmau responds:

Thanks man, hope their personalities will be memorable too. Some still need to be fleshed out.. got a lot to write!

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