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"If you are not sure about the proportions of your faces, try getting it into photoshop. If it still looks good after you've transformed / flipped it horizontally, then you are kicking ass."
- some very wise kinda person dude


After I somewhat created a style I liked with my past experiments (see earlier 2013 pictures) I started practicing different stuff like consistency in different angles while still trying to find good mouth and eye shapes. Feel free to bombard me with constructive criticism or your opinion!

Edit: Added two new rather boring perspectives and fixed eyes, mouths and other little things. Thanks for your feedback guys.

Karen Mandrake (c) kmau


i like this one ! thats exactly what i wanted to do also :) SAME character who would actualy look as the SAME character from all sides ! thats realy cool and not so easy ! Good job !

so for when the first chapter of this tomboyish redhead tombrider?

can't wait for it.

kmau responds:

I can't really tell yet since I'm still developing everything around her and it might take a few more years actually. For now I still have Out of Order 2+ which is much further along in development.

If consistency is your goal, I think you've certainly achieved it to a worthwhile extent. The eyes, from the side, look like they extend further along the head that they would 'realistically', but within the style you present here it looks quite nice and consistent, certainly nothing problematic with that particular quirk. Really interesting nose there, too, I like how it works through the different angles. One other issue though, and I'm not sure if it's just me, but...in the side shot on the right, it seems like the ratio of the face to the eyes got squished a little? Makes it seem kind of apart from the set, though maybe that's just her eyes being more open than in the others.

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kmau responds:

The profile eye is indeed quite long, I should experiment a bit with that. I think you're on to something with the proportions in the profile, I'll look into that as I draw the 3/4 back and back view. Thanks for the input!

= The Front, the 3/4, and profile, these are usually considered for thorough assessment on a character, i do this all the time, however the 3/4 lip is slightly lower than the Front angle but at most times this isn't noticeable.


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kmau responds:

Yeah something seemed off on the 3/4 mouth but I didn't check the height with the others for some reason. Imma fix that when I add additional perspectives.

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