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Author Comments

This is my FIRST lineless painting. And, it's HUUUUUGE!!!

Anyways, I am looking forward to seeing what generation six of Pokemon will look like; and I have a certain, thanks to this particular Eeveelution, that it's going to be an adorable one! Leave your comments, and I look forward to seeing what you have to say!


If it took him 10 hours, it took him 10 hours. Really I don't see the problem. He stepped outside his comfort zone and worked hard on something. Sure, he's a glutton for punishment and brings this on himself. However that is not a critique nor a review.

That being said, I like the color choices. It's very pleasing. I don't care too much for the preset brush grass, but hey it could be worse. I do think more thought could have gone into the background but then again who am I to judge? I hate doing BGs. I really appreciate the small touches, like the trainer walking away in the background. Or the Ferrow? Hu-Oh? soaring through the clouds. This is a very strong piece for you. Proof you have talent. I just wish you weren't so stubborn. But your improving, slowly, but going. To me this seems like you were actually having fun drawing this, not obsessing over style. It's nice to see this side of your works. Keep it up.

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KiwiSundae responds:

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! PRAISE!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will DEFINITELY do more like this!

It's different than your usual stuff, I hope you realize that you've now set yourself a new bar to always reach, which is good. I feel as if the piece focuses too much on the Pokemon, and that background and environment seems like an after-thought. For example, the grass is brush pre-set, and the tree looks lopsided and coupled with that horizon line, it makes the pokemon look like a giant.

I'm a dick, but a dick that can show compassion. You better appreciate this review. ;P

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KiwiSundae responds:

Actually, I used the smudge tool on various layers of grass! That's how I got the look!

Anyway, I appreciate your feedback, and encouraging score! That tells me that I have more than enough reason to keep going with pieces like this, if even you are praising me!

Hey, assclowns, "This didn't take ten hours" is not a review. That's a facebook post. There's a 12,000 character limit for reviews for a reason.

Anyway, while the colors of the subject are pleasant enough, there are quite a few problems here.

The biggest one is the blurry edges. The edges of objects lack definition, and are rather bumpy.

I would recommend not playing with opacity til you have the base shades and tones down. Otherwise, you get this rather flat effect, as if somebody put dirt on a paper cutout. Trying to put down base shades and tones by layering opacity is not a good idea, generally.

While on the subject of shades and tints, shadows have more color than a straight grey. Shadows outdoors are blue, while indoors they are orangey. Implementing these colors into your shadows makes a drawing look a lot prettier.

With the grass, the way you drew it, this looks like it's somebody's lawn. If this was meant to be a shot of a natural enviornment, the grass should be in more varied lengths, with different plants interspersed with it. Not a veritable garden of different plant species mind you, just some variety. It makes a scene look a lot more alive.

The clouds also ought to be a lot more solid looking. I've never seen Cumulus clouds appear blurry to me. Unless they're cirrus, put some definition into those clouds!

A more competent artist would have a lot more to say in better ways, but that's all I have to say for now.

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how did this take "10 hours"

actually pleasant to look at

KiwiSundae responds:


In all seriousness, thanks a lot! It means a lot that you're actually being nice this time!

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Credits & Info

1.59 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2013
4:42 PM EDT
File Info
2340 x 1554 px
639.6 KB

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