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I tried the sitting pose once again. I think I am getting better at this pose the more I practice it. Anyways, let me know what you guys think.


Im still learning shading but i think this one is pretty good. The pose does feel a little bit unreal because it feels like there's no mass in there. The shading on the chair or couch feels a little too weird. Try making a simplistic style character which the shading doesnt have to in a form like an airbrush. Other than that, i like it!


KiwiSundae responds:

A little bit more detail in your reviews would be appreciated, but thanks!

She must be an alien if she can put all that weight solely on her nonexistant ass and just stay upright like that without falling over

nice tits though I suppose but that's all this is and the fanboys are rating it high just for that. you don't see women as more than sex objects do you? why are you so scared to draw fat where there should be some. because this lady has none, I mean she has literally no ass its like you were so scared to draw globules of fat you also shaved down some of her fucking pelvis for gads' sake. and where are her organs?

her tits also defy newton's laws of gravity space and time and all that shit. I mean like, her right boob is protuding out like a bullet and the other is just kind of ...sitting there not responding to the muscles in the pectoral where her arm kinda connects. I mean... the one part of her body you let her have fat on, that boob is too perky and not "hanging" like regular fat if a REAL woman raised her arm like that.

the only way the tits would be like that is if she thrusted her torso forward and sort of bent backwards but shes not. her upper body is very rigid and stiff.

like wtf man

your shit was better two years ago

what happened?!?!?!?!?

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KiwiSundae responds:

I will humbly accept your criticism and work on something better.

Just know, that no, I do not see women as sex objects; I see women as beautiful.

Really great work,keep them coming!

KiwiSundae responds:

I'll try and update as much as I can. College has been overbearing on me lately. I will be sure to have more stuff!

I don't really like her knees and thelower parts of her legs....but...i WANT that shirt. >_>;

KiwiSundae responds:

Yeah, legs have always given me difficulty. I tend to draw the fat part of the calf in different positions, but I guess it doesn't always work. But, I appreciate the feedback!

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Jan 27, 2013
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