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Sailor Draco and Cinder


Yup, 'nother one of my characters. I think she's my favorite so far. :) Feel free to point out any errors or whatever and I'll try to fix them sometime. ^_^

Character Profile:

Name: Candace Levine
Name meaning: fire white
Age: 24
Birthday: March 29
Astrological sign: Aries
Hair: bright red, short
Eyes: gold
Likes: Motorcycles, bars, smoking, dragons, spicy food, playing pool and poker
Dislikes: Crowds, kids, "girly stuff", the color pink
Transform hension: Draco Constellation power, make-up!
Weapon: Long sword
Attacks: Flame Sword - She draws a large sword with a fiery red blade and either throws flames at enemies, or uses it like a normal sword.
Dragon Transform - engulfs herself in flames and takes on the shape of a large dragon. This attack is extremely powerful but is very draining and leaves her weakened.

Cinder is a female wolf-dog and Draco's constant companion.

EDIT: Here is the website I've started to build. It's still under construction, so make sure to check back every now and then to see what's new!!

http://starguardians.webs .com

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I'm not going to say much..

because I suck at writing, but you say she doesen't like girly stuff (or the color pink which I can relate) but...then why is she wearing 2 bows and a short skirt?

KittyKat87 responds:

Eh, she just kinda puts up with the skirt and stuff 'cuz its her uniform. Kinda like how Haruka Tenoh (Sailor Uranus) is very tomboyish and usually wears only boy's clothes, yet she still wears the traditional Sailor Senshi uniform when she transforms. ^_^

Just my way of thinking, anyway...

It's alright.

But it's lacking a bit of shape to me, primarily on her rib cage and neck if you ask me. It's need a slight curve to so she doesn't look like a board.

Also it missing some shading on the dog's (wolf's) head it looks flat compared to the rest of the body.

Also I'm not too crazy about the gradients on the text.

And the background is too dark around the bottom... I think I'd look better if the flame were in front of them and faded up.

Those are my thoughts but other than that I think it looks good.

KittyKat87 responds:

First and foremost, thank you very much for taking the time to review my picture! Much appreciated. ^_^

Now, as for your comments: I think understand what you're saying. I'll try to fix that, but to be honest, the Sailor Scouts' torsos usually aren't defined anymore than how I have it now, (at least, not that I've ever seen) so I'm not sure what more needs to be done.

I'll work on the shading on the wolf's head, but again I'm not really sure where it needs more shading, so... we'll see what happens, lol.

The text... eh, I wasn't crazy-happy with it either, so it'll probably get tweaked sometime.

While I kinda agree about the background being a bit dark at the bottom, I'd rather not put the flames in front of them. I want the focus to be on the characters, after all, not the background, which is why it's faded the way it is. =P Just my way of thinking, though.

Thank you again for the comment, I really do appreciate the constructive criticism and I'm glad you like the picture! =D

Credits & Info

Waiting for 2 more votes

May 2, 2011
8:28 PM EDT
File Info
1008 x 1512 px
250.8 KB

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