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Kitala The Pirate


This is a self portrait of me in my pirate costume. She is my character and is not to be used or copied anywhere!

This next part will be hard to explain to the average person. I'm a..or used to be a "doller." A doller is someone who uses Base Bodies (with the permission of their creators) to make a finished product with MSP or other programs. I use MSP and with the permission of a girl code-named Shouri, I have used and manipulated her base body. (The base body is a naked, bald, and often faceless pixeled body of a "doll") I drew the clothes, hair, face, etc. Everything except what is Skin-Colored...basically. I say all of this knowing most of you would have never known I didn't draw the body, but for arguement, respect, and credit-sake I tell you all I didn't draw the body shape. So with the permission of Shouri (who has moved on from dolling and no longer offers her bases), I present to you Kitala The Pirate! :)

Shouri's Site: http://www.shouri.com.ar/

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That's a pirate costume?! I must have missed those back then.

Kitala responds:

yeah its one of those slinky costumes in the adult section of the halloween store. it came with matching panties.

sweet gig.

Its all about contrast

But i'm sure you're quiet aware about that. despite what someone else said about using dithering on the skin -wich would be a terrible idea-, what you should start working on is the shading. with over 96 colors and such a low contrast among most of them there's quite a lot of room for useful stuff such as working with some hue shifting for example.

also noticed that there are several artifacts on the image wich probably were created by saving the image in a poor quality GIF file, saying this so you could actually upload a proper image in order to fix the said issue.

and please, if this these are older works, i'd hope stuff like pillowshading is already solved. because in your other submissions the quality and technique is quite low.

Kitala responds:

Actually...dithering can be quite lovely on skin if it's done correctly? It's a shame it's a little beyond what i'd find "enjoyable" to do in MSP, however. Perhaps if I used gimp or something effortless. There are way more than 96 colors...also the use of multiple shading tends to look very...repetative. With higher contrast comes a more comic-book-like shading. I think it looks tacky and underdeveloped since anyone can just take a drawing and screw with the contrast using irfanview or something of the sort.

The cup, rum, and keg were smaller at one point. i got lazy. that's really the only stuff that may look low-quality, and i'll admit to that. lazyness :P it gets to the best of us

they are older works. especially Kanti. sarah really isn't too old. i've since stopped most of my pixel-work. i may or may not restart the old-lived passion. ive moved onto flash, though. so i doubt it.

thanks tho..

oh and i visited your userpage. i don't mean offense, as i see you like the comic-book look to your stuff. i prefer true-life colors. *shrugs* to each his or her own I always say. the skin was done quite nicely shade-wise although the hue is just way off for my taste but its okay ive seen a few pixel artists do that kind of stuff before. they usually like to take a fictional approach to their art. elves and whatnot. good luck to you, sir!

Interesting take on the doll

But I'm just not a fan of dolls in general. Color count could be reduced and the shading on the keg looks off. The shading on the body however is nice but would benefit from some dithering. Also edges are begging to be anti-aliased :V

Kitala responds:

Dithering is hard in MSP but yeah I'd consider it on a bigger more important piece. Thanks

wow another real pixel artist

This is very nice. Love the black n pink looks good on her.

Kitala responds:

Thanks! =]
yay pixelsss


you can fool everyone else, besides me. i know you're a boy
but the pixel art is pretty nice.

Kitala responds:

you're a little behind :P the phase where everything thought i was a boy was about a year and a half ago

but thanks anyway :)

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Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2009
10:29 PM EDT
Pixel Art
File Info
210 x 223 px
11.3 KB

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