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This is my submission for LegolaSS's Level Collab. It's basically a collab where you draw a character holding or using a weapon featured in the Newgrounds levels. Mine is a Kukri! (Level 30) You can find the collab here: http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1096214/42
Also, the list of levels that have been done are here: http://legolass.newground s.com/news/post/252674

FAQ (Frequently ATICIPATED questions.)

Q: How long did this take to draw.
A: Two hours. With. A. MOUSE.

Q: Is...is that Hank? As a DOG?
A: No. It's Hank as a WOLF.

Q: lol this sux
A: 1. This isn't even a question.
2. I. Used. A. Freaking. MOUSE.
3. I didn't even use PhotoShop. (I used ImageReady, who I guess is his less popular lttle brother.)
4. I'm 14. Cut me a break...
5. I never took an art class or looked at a PhotoShop tutorial. I am entirely self taught.
6. This is my first drawing submitted on the Internet. EVER. I'd really appreciate constructive critique of my work.
7. It's a bit rushed and the rules of the collab state to exclude an actual background.
8. I like pudding.

Q: Okay...But why HANK?
A: Because shut up.

Q: Can I participate in the Collab?
A: Nope. It is closed and will soon be submitted to the portal! (Mine is an easter egg anyway, so yeah...)

Q: Why not Tricky?
A: Because he killed Hank. >:( (Nah, kidding, he's awesome to. I might draw him too eventually. And by eventually I mean in 20 million years because I'm lazy.)

Q:What program did you use?
A: See previous statement/rant.

Q: Are you quite finished?
A: Hmm...? Oh! Yes. I am. In fact, I apoligize for any wasted time/brain cells you may have experienced. For a full refund, please go here: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0&feature d=related

Q: How can I spot a Rick Roll?
A: You can't. ;3

P.S.:I submited a JPEG because I was having problems with the PNG.



I love it.

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Kirkeyressa responds:

I'm glad you do. :D

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