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Could you Imagine....


What could you imagine?

What could you see, or not see?

What more could there be?

Hallow will be (very) willing to model for you and allow your imaginations to run wild. Later she may even give you a taste of what she is imagining. ;)

A bit of a personal thing, but this is partially for my boyfriend who loves the whole "girl's wearing only a shirt" thing. XD

Art and Character © Killerwolf1020

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Looks great to me, like a ww2 era pin up pose.

Make more.

Killerwolf1020 responds:

Oh, didn't think of ww2, but is one of my favorite eras in history to study besides anytime in the "medieval" eras. ^^

Right off the bat, I've got to say, your sense of colour and composition is amazing. You have a great bit of chiaroscuro going, and it's very pleasing to look at. Definitely something I think I could learn from you.

My complaints have nothing to do with Hallow's body. I am all FOR plus-sizers. Rather, for me, what sets apart a furry piece (or any piece for that matter) from the rest is the amount of life in it. Hallow is meant to be a fox? A wolf? When canines are interested in something, their ears prick up, their eyes dilate and their tails wag, do they not? Perhaps illustrate the movement, the life, in the drawing. Try not to make it static. A soulful drawing will easily stand out from the rest.

Also a slight bit of nitpicking, but what is she sitting on? Lying on perhaps? Posture practice is something recommended to every artist, myself included, and I'd like to extend the invitation to you to try it out.

All in all, good piece, but there are still some kinks to be knocked out. Perhaps be my accountability partner of sorts when it comes to colouring, and I'll help where I can for posture. I don't so animals, but now might be my time to try out some.


Killerwolf1020 responds:

I agree that it does look off with her "leaning on nothing" (lol) but that's how I drew the pose. I did have a "table" or "box" drawn in for what she was leaning on but I wanted the picture to feature just the character and no props other than the clothes she wears.

Hallow is a werewolf (wolf). My foxes (that I don't draw often) I try to give a different face shape (rounder for artic fox and narrower for most other foxes) and a shorter narrower muzzle and a leaner build.

Hallows tail is up as to simulate a dominant posture and slightly happy. Wolves typically raise their tails to assert dominance but as she is also anthropomorphized, it could also be inferred that she is doing it to not just posture but wave it like a little red flag saying "look at me."

Thank you for your input. It means a lot and I will do my best to give my pictures more life in the future ^^

Your femmes don't look very feminine.

As for the added clothes, the bottom isn't covered at all. The top is just pasted over, and it LOOKS like it was pasted in as an afterthought over the finished pic.

Sorry. My opinion.

And, what's with the Islamic Crescent on the hip?

Killerwolf1020 responds:

She's not supposed to be ultra feminine. I'm not. I'm a bulkier build and not a "fit hourglass shape." Does that make me less of a woman? The clothes were meant to be over top the body and just to inform you, most of the time I draw, I draw the clothes over the body that is already placed. The Clothes will always be "placed over" the body as that is what I draw first, then I draw on the clothes so they form around the body. The bottomless part is something that both my boyfriend and I like. The whole "woman with just a top on" is appealing to some (or at least those that can get that kind of intimate experience.)

As for the Islamic crescent on her side, I actually did not know that, that was an Islamic symbol. But I drew it because I like the crescent moon and a the stars. Hallow is a werewolf and though the full moon might have been a better choice, I decided on a crescent moon with a star in it. If you have something against it, I would suggest keeping it to yourself.

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Apr 19, 2015
1:42 PM EDT
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