Southern fortress

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Southern fortress

Author Comments

also set in the same world as boneyard along with the other drawings

amidst the peaceful, lush, green scenery of the southern highlands, the majestic towering structures of the southern kingdom can be seen piercing through the dense vegetation covering the mountain slopes.

at first glance this southern fortress looks nothing like a post-apocalyptic structure. in fact, it looks rather fantasy-like.
further south in the secondary continent, the climate gets colder therefore creating a far more tamer ecosystem compared to the northern plains. the flora and faunas inhabiting the highlands don't really differ too much from the old world. mountain mammals resembling gigantic versions of animals in the ice age roam the snowy landscapes higher up in the mountains. while over sized mountain goats, elks, and many other mammals reside in the same heights inhabited by humans thus creating a relation between them. the arthropods of the highlands are still very huge but much lesser in number than the north and rarely get bigger than a human. these tame conditions have led humans to thrive and flourish. therefore having more time to actually create a society with rich cultures and large architectures.

the architecture of the southern kingdom resembles somewhat of an Asian culture even though the secondary continent is comprised of Europe and America. This is due to the fact that before the great quake, america has become a vastly multi-cultured society. cultures from all over the world like the middle east, mexico, and especially, many Asian countries were brought into the continent in the form of a multitude of waves of immigrants looking for a better life and after a long period of time, these cultures have become integrated with the american culture.

fast forward into the post-quake era, and we have the southern kingdom. heavily influenced with Asian culture but still fluent in English and many other languages.
the accidental mixing of the cultures in the pre-quake era has in the long run, preserved and saved a lot of cultures from all around the world that were lost in the main continent due to the extremely hostile ecosystem and quickly changing landscapes.

a northern cargo vehicle can be seen crossing the bridge, entering the gates of the fortress. this truck, along with the rest of the trading convoys bring with them crates of bone plates as well as bone-based weapons and armors harvested from the boneyards spread across the northern jungles. there are no boneyards in the highlands because the colossal faunas of the north can't move around in jagged mountainous terrains

this makes bone materials highly valuable to the southerners which led to trading activities happening between the two societies.

the southern kingdom possesses the one capability that northern nomads do not have, which is mining. therefore, the nomads highly value metal and any other resources obtained from mines that can be fashioned into more weapons and armors while the bones that they trade with the southerners are very durable against rust and weather conditions, creating a perfect material for long lasting housing materials that can withstand natural damages for a long time. an aspect that the nomads consider useless because they survive by constantly moving from places to places, living in their vehicles or temporary housings.

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Oct 8, 2015 | 8:57 AM EDT
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