Regal Blue Jungle Dragon.


Okay I'm calling this one done now. This is a Regal Blue Jungle dragon. This dragon sports copious amounts of colourful, visual flare to demonstrate a threatening display, but many other dragons think it looks so ridiculous that they can't help but laugh. These promptly get eaten by the Regal Blue.

This is the second new piece I am putting in my portfolio. Again I'm really happy to have received critiques on this one!

Print available here: https://www.redbubble.com/people/kayas-kosmos/works/34581555-regal-blue-jungle-dragon?asc=u

Also I'm currently open for commissions! Contact me at kayaskosmos@gmail.com if you're interested.

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Very nice detail

Wow this was some really nice "DETAIL" im an "AVID" fan of dragons myself and I love the effort and detail you put in this and love the use of color on this aswell, Would be nice if the eye was glowing a little more but anyways, So this was a good visual and all rolled up into one big entry of some nifty things, you have delivered some unmatched creativity and quality aswell, I had a good pleasure reviewing this.

Would be nice if the eye was glowing a little more


When I look up dragon on here this is the kind of pictures I want to see on here but if it doesn't bother you to much I urge you to just work on this more here and there to sharpen it up (I would love to see this so sharp it could cut even the hardest of critics open) what I mean is the dragon on the classic tab took 6 months, I would love to see six month of care and tinkering in this, don't get me wrong this is done and pretty dang good lookin I just think with more time and spirit art will look better and better so consider trying to make this a classic letting It chang with you then re-release it I'm tellin you if you do that it could be like the second best on this site.... Maybe I got carried away tryin to motivate you I just want you to keep going with this honestly I just want to use you to make something I want to see and hopefully you want to see it to. a sharp dragon with color not to much but more than it has now, a blue sky type background, a touch of dragon fire in the eye. Again don't get me wrong this is great as is but it in my opinon is easier to improve something that is done already right? Anyways I hope I didn't go on for to long and I hope it's taken in such a way that it inspires.
Sincerely (alias)

Kayas-Kosmos responds:

Thanks for the motivation! I've had a few comments regarding this work looking a bit too plasticy and I'm starting to feel that there are major design problems here and there, plus I admittedly went overboard with trying to artificially add depth. I am hoping to spend a good 3 weeks on my next dragon image (I feel 6 months is a bit too long, especially considering that League of Legends splash art usually takes 3 weeks). So hopefully that will be a massive improvement over this! Thanks again.

I do not usually say this: Wonderful...

Such detail! :D Impressive, and such an impressively clean-looking surface texture too, though it doesn't get any blander because of it. The background lends the dragon all the focus, and that design is just amazing. Only detail I'm not sure about is how that one horn fades out towards the end. Assuming it's meant to give a photo-like impression, where the focus area is the clearest, but it blurs a bit much, and almost seems to float into the background even though the rest of the dragon seems to stand further from it, more like it's a ground than a wall. Otherwise: looking amazing. Somber colors too.


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Oct 19, 2018
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