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i am SO DANG proud of this!!!! btw, my DeviantArt link is on my profile ^^

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Hello! Your drawing is very very cool!! I love her face expression, i love the dynamic of the posture, I love the color harmony and the atmosphere... The gradiation in colors are very interesting. The lineart is great, also.

I have some suggestions more than actual critic. ( I absolutely LOVE this drawing and my suggestions are just a different approach of the picture)

- I think maybe you must have heard of the subsurface scattering. (This is when the light penetrate through thin surface. It happens generally with ears, with fingers if you put them in front of a strong light or with membrane like the one of your wing)
You did put a little bit of light in the membrane of your wings, but I think you can add much more light, as if light was really going through the membrane. (search subsurface scattering in google image and you will understand what I mean) Playing with this would definitively be very interesting, I think!

- In your picture, there is one strong kind of "double-contrast": The skin, which as very light values and with desatured colors and the rest of the character (clothes, wings, hair, horns...) with much more darker values and very saturared colors.
(I am speaking of "double contrast" because there is for one part the contrast with the values and for other part the contrast with the saturation)

And this works really great!! so it is another good point for this drawing!
But I would just have make either a background a bit darker or a bit lighter than the character so she can stand out!

If you zoom out your drawing to make it very small, you can in fact see how your contrast works well on the character himself, because even small it is easy to read the skin apart from the rest of the piece; but you cannot read the character from the background.

Of course, this can be a choice. For exemple if you don't want your whole character to stand out don't contrast it from the background. In a lot of picture the focus is either the face, or the eyes, or a particular object... and in those cases you must only use contrast to put the emphasis on this particular focus point.

- Lastly, I know you must have spent a lot of time on the details, but you can spend even more. For example in the membrane, like previously said by Darmoth85, or in the joint between the claws of the wings and the wings...

Of course, I am really nitpicking here because I think your drawing is so awesome that I can go into the very little details.

Your drawing is amazing and you really can be proud of it!!

KaoriYuki responds:

ohhhh wowww thank you very much! :000 ahhh i see. i will definitely take note of that and use it in my future illustrations! ^^ i was kind of rushing things a little because i was used to drawing more simpler drawings, its my first time drawing something like this. when i was completed with the illustration, i felt like something was off or missing in the wings, it just didn't feel complete, ya know? Its nice of you to point that out and im really grateful that you gave me some advice! i deeply, from the bottom of my heart, appreciate what you have suggested!! ^^

Absolutely stunning! She is just gorgeous, love the attention to detail as well, the jewelry around her head and horns, the matching belly chain with that oh so fragile bit that looks like it barely keeps her top on as is. Her long prehensile tail drawing your eye all the way down her legs. The wings too are fantastic tho if anything I'd had like to see a little more detail in the membrane. Oi, she can take my soul any day!

KaoriYuki responds:

Thank you for the beautiful description of the illustration!!! ^^ thank you too for the feedback, i will definitely take note of it ^^ i really appreciate it thank you so much again! i did put in a lot of effort into this ^^

Absolutely irresistable

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