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yults the yeti without a soul!


so i was slumping and needed to just make a new guy fast and loose to keep my momentum on multiple projects going.

lo'! it's yults the yeti without a soul!

true enough yults had a perfectly fine soul until drack the despicable stole it from him! drack is a nasty demon that steals souls from pretty much anything he can get his hands on. this made yults a very tragic yeti, and he was exiled from the grand yeti-capitol because without a soul he failed to "get" any yeti stand-up comedy, a long time honored practice of the yeti culture.

fortunately, yults doesn't take any shit and tore off drack's hand before he got away. now yults ties the hand around his neck and like a grim dousing rod, the hand will twitch, flinch and point in the direction where drack is. eventually yults hopes to be led to the demon so that he can extract his big yeti revenge and reclaim his stolen soul.

the weapon yults and the majority of yetis prefer is the vampire club. these brutal weapons are actually carnivorous plants that feed off blood and violence and have evolved themselves into a perfect tool of bashening. these pods fire out thorns that puncture flesh and catch and drain the blood from the mutilated victims while the general impact of battle excites the growth and development cells of the plant.

once a vampire club's seed pod drinks enough blood they start sprouting roots that look for a place to anchor so they can explode their seeds into the wind to keep the beautiful cycle of life flowing.

so wish yults luck as he hunts down that soul thief drack!

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man, this is great. What medium did you use? A stylus? Pens? If so, what kind?

jouste responds:

i drew this guy up on a cintique in sketchbook pro and then colored it in photoshop. hope that answers your questions.



I like the story for revenge, it is usually an overplayed plot device, but your unique take on it being over his soul is much more literarily inviting than the usual (family/village/loved one gets killed). The same goes for the idea of vampiric weapons, which usually heal the user, but instead it is a mode of self-preservation for the weapon itself. I have always liked how you put as much thought into the aliens' equipment as the creatures themselves. Great job and keep the awesome creations coming! Also, I saw you DA account and was just wondering, are you ever going to do more slaughter ball arts?

jouste responds:

hey thanks for checking out my DA and slaughterball stuff. thats a really nice comment about the thought i put into my gear and aliens. i always try to think of new spins on old ideas to keep it fresh.

the slaughterball guys aren't coming back anytime soon as far as i can tell. they are in drastic need of an update with my new art style and i really don't have too much time to get something like that off the ground. if enough interest pops up for them i'll get back on there for sure though, thanks a lot for checking them out and for hte high scoring review!



Thats reaaaaalllllyyy NICE!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!

jouste responds:


thanks for the highscore pal! glad you find him awesome! :D


cool story

i love you art but i have never reed your discreption so i read this one and i though wow exceptyour awesome art you have cool discreptions and as always a cool art just loving your style but how he wacth really so with out a soul really cool

jouste responds:


i spend a fair amount of time on the descriptions as well as the artwork. it's like a "cooldown" phase of making up stuff for me. thanks for the high scores pal! good to hear from you again!


Gud luck yults Gj author

cool idea.. i really like the vampire club..thats what this world needs is some imagination to keep the beautiful cycle of life flowing

jouste responds:


thanks for the ten pal! super glad you like the club. it's a pretty obscure idea for a weapon but i found that yults looked a little to simple and needed some sprucing up.


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Oct 21, 2009
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