the lazarus legion!


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the lazarus legion!

there comes a time in any hard-core, gun toting, star-soldier's career that time kicks in and turns him from a hardened space commando into a senile ridden veteran. luckily with the invention of the lazarus suit they can keep the war going on well past their years!

the lazarus suit injects a horrible cocktail of chemicals and space-ox blood into the wearer that preserves both their body and mind. they are a little tricky to keep properly maintained and tend to wheeze a lot and constantly alert enemies to their location. the constant bickering about "the good ol' days" is another reason that the lazarus legion can never sneak up on anyone.

a lot of the members of the lazarus legion have been kept alive so long with crazy cocktails of drugs and gases that they've been promoted well through the standard military space code. this leads to medal saturation among the ranks of the century old soldiers and some pretty obscure titles. the actual structure of military ranking has collapsed so badly in the lazarus legion that they rarely listen to anyone other than themselves.

from this image we see that they aren't the greatest shots (although that target was placed 2 light years away so give him some props).


this proably sounds dumb

seriously how far off was the target for real?

jouste responds:

well he'll tell you that it was 2 light years but really it was about 1.8 lightyears.

thansk for stopping by and writing me up a review!



i was reading the other comments and couldn't believe it! this one is probably my favourite one. i love it

jouste responds:


awesome man! i'm glad you dug this guy, he was a bigger hit on my polycount thread. but you dug it enough to art trade! XD

thanks for the ten dude, lets get doing these things more often.

First time!

This is the first time i gave you a lower score than ten!
5/5 9/10

jouste responds:


thanks for being so honest in your scoring. getting a lower score is just as important to me :D


not you're best

i jsut don't like the idea about it the drawing is nice it is really a old diver and i don't like that if you have a cool diversuit the rating as better and his face is old and i don't like it either so a 8

jouste responds:

fair review dutch, it is a simpler design from my others and i am glad it's getting a mixed review.

it helps makes my other pictures even better.

thanks for the review! :D

this one is different

still, the techniques r lovely, u got eye for details :)

jouste responds:

thanks for the compliment. glad you like hte details :)

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Aug 19, 2009
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