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the hagian supermagus!


it's the hagian supermagus!

lo' its the hagian supermagus! descended from the equally disgusting and amazing hag fishes native to our own planet!

the hagians have always been very amazing science-mages since way back when they thought they were just messing around with "magic" and weren't aware that it was just super-science being effected by their wills and hand gestures.

once they engadged in the "war of the wizards" (an interplanetary battle between magicians) the hagians were outnumbered by the numerous swarms of the swarmians they had to think fast. the hagians decided to double their numbers by equipping all their mages with TWO magic staves! this doubled the size and effect of all their tricks and the swarmians were quickly annihilated with a few boughts of lightning balls and the odd lava-syringe.

centuries past and the hagian supermagus is still represented by their military, teleporting across the galaxy with a science focusing staff in each hand and a mean streak for any foe they run into. their science magic has become refined to a degree that it has not been able to be duplicated by anyone else in the galaxy.

the dual-staff science slinging style has also been managed only by the supermagus. any other race that has attempted this art has been met with agonizingly fatal results. bottom line is that its best to leave the dual staff wielding to the hagian supermagus' (obviously).

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And another one for the teleport draft, I think that's all of them.

So I think it goes for now, unless i missed some (which I probably did):

- Mantor Mantisman
- The Duke of Dover
- Tailgate the Courier of the Dammen (has his own team)
- Lozen the Wrathful Nightmare (has her own team)
- The Dread Trousers of Y'uuan Thrr
- Starspade the All-scoop
- Cram the portalgeist
- and The Hagian Supermagus (has their own army)

jouste responds:

haha I love the teleport draft. there are some older guys in there for sure!


I'm really not in the mood at look at the author's comments. Honestly, we don't need a literature portal. This allows us to create our own stories that are long enough. Even the name of this piece is long. I still loved it, all things considered. It somewhat reminds me of "Team Fortress 2".

I guess it's just the clothes. I think it's more "Warhammer 40K" than anything else. Of course, I haven't seen many of the creatures there. It seems like it actually becomes part of another creature. If you made all this (including the description) by yourself, kudos to you.


I'm a sucker for well-thought out backstories...great job! Do you do game design/concept art for a living?

This looks great--keep it up!

jouste responds:

hey man! thanks for dropping by and giving me a review!

well i am in game art right now but i am more of an environmental artists at the moment. making walls and tables and stuff, but when i get home i rock out the space monsters and alien soldiers! one day i'd love to get these guys in a game or something,

thanks for the vote of confidence and that 10!




jouste responds:


glad you like him! the supermagus is one of my faves. thanks for the high score!

yeah what can i say

you're just coolthe must awesome thing about it is his face (not the head his face) it is really brute i always love you're art:D especially yhe kind you have tought about of this drwaing is just cool it and the head is is really nice:D because its really detailed ansd the rest of this drawing is just cool is is really nice:D but still is his face the best one other 10 of the dutch;) keep going on

jouste responds:

thanks dutch! yeah i'm a big fan of his head as well. it kind of carries the whole character actually.

a 10!? sweet! i'm glad you like this guy so much. i'm actually working on another alien soldier like this, it should be done soon, i've just been really busy ;D

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4.75 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2009
7:34 AM EDT
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  • Daily 2nd Place August 19, 2009

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