the annelidian rifleman!


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the annelidian rifleman!

far across the galaxy lives the disgusting race of annelidians, vicious hermaphrodites that sustain their horrible reign by consuming the blood of all who oppose them. annelidians are quite floppy and need multiple braces to keep their pliable bodies rigid and able to wield conventional weapons.

the annelidians keep loads of their prisoners of war on their awful blood farms and use the steady supply of vitae pumping to fill their gigantic supply silos. these silos fuel all the advancements of the annelidians, their brains only work at full capacity when they are on a full belly of blood (i'm sure we can relate). when an annelidian is starved they regress into a feral state, lose all reason, and will do anything to get a mouthful of blood.

here we see standard issue gear for the average annelidian soldier:

-cobalt flares are useful for both signaling supply drops and melting holes through heavily re-enforced hulls.

-the personal shield generator (PSG) can be set to absorb 3 energy blasts before needing a full day's recharge. they can only be activated for 15 minutes at a time.

-the slicerknife has been shown on countless galactic infomercials as an affordable way to eviscerate your foes and finely chop all your fruits and vegetables!

-the cook rifle has an abysmal rate of fire but makes up for that with unstable metallic rounds (UMRs). the inside of these rounds are made up of two dangerously unstable types of metal that are separated by a magnetic field.

when these bullets are "cooked" in the main housing of the gun they react with violently with each other creating a miniaturized explosion that can pretty much bore through anything.

the rifle takes up a lot of energy to maintain the "cooking" state so it is advisable to have a good idea of what you are shooting at before readying a round.


amazing style!

so fluid and awesome character, would love to see in a book or animation!

jouste responds:

hey thanks dude!

you really hit all my stuff! thanks for checking them out and dropping by with a review.



for some reason, i was really reminded of a napoleonic french soldier. i think the neck brace, the posture, the PSG (piece of a four man tent? lol), breech style tights, and his slow firing rifle did it :) tell me, what was your inspiration?

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jouste responds:

thanks for that informative and interesting review. no one's ever mentioned anything nlike a napoleonic soldier when regarding this piece, a very cool observation!

hmm, my inspiration comes from a lot of things i guess. the national geographic channel is usually on in the background and i love making up zany things from space so i guess that's what happened on this guy.

thanks for the high review pal, always nice to have people drop by and comment on my older artworks.



Youre awesome! Youre artistic! 5/5 10/10

jouste responds:

thanks so much for the high score pal!

good to hear from you again!

Well done

Man your art is pretty amazing. I like how you made him take different poses. Nice character design.

jouste responds:

thanks jabbuk!

it's pretty important to be able to render all your characters from multiple angles, then you'll have a greater chance of someone modeling them!

sweet a 10! thanks dude!


cool but worth a 10

awesome just like dyrt soldier he is really a sniper guy;) is choke protecter thingy is epic and his sniper to;) and have you think this character by self and dyrt soldier to? if that's so you must make a game about it awesome

jouste responds:

haha thanks man!

yeah this was from my alien soldier stint. the neck thing is to keep him upright cause thier spines are so soft.

and a game sure would be neato...

go high reviews! XD

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Aug 18, 2009
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