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sluds von starsworm


oh no! hide your kheltin fields and blood crops! it's none other than sluds von starsworm, that slimy insectivorous enforcer!

sluds is a buglian warrior; buglians were once a force to be reckoned with but now are in shambles, confused workers and out-of-work soldiers stumble around the galaxy in eclectic groups of insectoid vagrants.

sluds was once a high-bodyguard of the omni-queen until she one day watched a full episode of two and a half men and suffered such a severe headache that it cracked her hold on the hive mind. once the hive mind fell the buglian's super organization and efficiency went to shit and the buglian's were nothing more than a group of nomads, always feeling a great void in their lives where the omni-queen's voice once echoed.

sluds has done alright. in the initial confusion he murdered all the officers that out ranked him and claimed to be the one true buglian messiah (sluds is as clever as he is deadly). he then donned the crown of swarms and now leads a rag-tag group of mercenaries known as the insectoid apostles.

his primary weapon is the traditionally gruesome "bug-chucks" barbed rods chained together and strapped down with bo'tharian agony-beetles. the venom is so caustic and painful that it has been actually loaded into star-fighter cannons and fired at enemies because it rates higher on the pain scale than laser blasts.

we can also see that crafting bug-chucks is not without it's heart ache. larry the agony-beetle (shown bottom right) has just gotten back from a business trip only to find his bride to be strapped to slads weapon! D:

:edit: front page featured!? D: thanks a million!

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I think the display you've put forth actually works here. I think it's mostly because this is just such a creative monster in its own right. I appreciate all for the fairly bright colors. Hey, you also got a Daily 2nd place. Might want to thank us another million. I don't know what's up with this thing's legs.

I can't be bothered to read everything explaining what this creature is. It seems good enough for a literature portal! I love all the spikes on his head. Spikes or things looking like it have always appealed to me. Those are some bad looking insects.

...''Francine!, nooooo!!...''
I like very much, the way that you build your characters, and the story behinds them or the explanation of the whole design..

jouste responds:

hey thanks!

when i just started I wasn't too good so i tried to make the story at least interesting. I appreciate the high score!



perfect, every detail... I FUCKING LOVE his feet and very funny the "francine! noooo" auhauhauh... love your work man!!!

jouste responds:


glad you laughed at the francine joke. great to hear that you like the pic.


I feel bad for Larry, but....

What can I say? A hilarious story, beautiful art, and the concept of a bug jesus. This is truly a triple-kill. The story even had a moral, don't watch sitcoms. Grats on the front page feature, you deserved it.

jouste responds:


thanks for reading all the story! i know i havea tendency of droning on and on but it is honestly just cause i love making stuff up so much.
it's always a joy when someone totally "gets" your artwork. thanks so much for the high score and the comments.




E - not just E... EXCELLENT
X - Xaroninomical (that means awesomely awesome)
C - Cool
E - what's another word that is cool that starts with E... JUST E!
L - Lamiting (means your awesome)
L - Lol a shrimp!
E - ... JUST E!!!!!!
N - Nice
T - uhh..... what starts with T?
5/5 10/10

jouste responds:

haha i always love your acronym reviews!

and "terrific" starts with T and "electric" starts with E! although words like xaroninomical sure are cool sounding.

thanks for the high score pal! good to hear from you!


Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2009
3:54 AM EDT
File Info
1081 x 1100 px
1.4 MB

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