rutley the neck seeker!


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here's rutley the neck seeker!

rutley is a executioner who takes on only the grandest of executions. these high tier executions usually involve creatures and beings of massive power like dragons and demi-gods. rutley is notorious throughout the world of cosmic-criminals for his poor aim; usually it will take around 27 painful chops to get through the extra tough clientele that places their guilty heads on rutley's enchanted block.

rutley was given the job of supreme-executioner when he accidentally decapitated a super-dragon with an avalanche that was caused by some very focused yodeling. it turns out the monster was wanted for insurance fraud and needed to be made an example of in the super-dragon community its just that no-one really had the guts to do the job.

luckily rutley is a mole-hound and they are around 87% guts, so rutley seemed to fit the role perfectly. he now goes around to where he's summoned to lop off the heads of those beings that have committed the worst of crimes; such as talking in a movie theater or buying a creed CD.



Rutley sounds pretty cool
super dragon avalanches are always a good thing to see eh?
Hope he can execute the lady at the resteraunt that always gets your order wrong also :D
good drawing

jouste responds:

lol, i'm pretty sure he can get right on that lady that always gets your order wrong. thanks for the hogh score and for dropping by with a review!



I say we take it to the cusp of the problem;
lop off the head of Creed members.

Or the dude at the drive thru that cant speak english.
Im not racist or conservative or anything.
I just think someone should see the practicality of it.

OR WAIT. On second thought,
the guy that put the guy who cant speak english on drive thru duty.

jouste responds:

haha thanks so much for the laughs, you really got me on that review.

thanks for the response and the high score pal. those seem like some prime candidates for top tier executing :D

GLEE* 27 painful chops out of 10!!!!!

YEAH!!!!... you have another amazing character up, how I do enjoy your character design and Bio's ever so much

such punishment should fit the crime of buying a creed CD as well HOW FITTING of Rutley skill's

I tip my tooq to such a creature and you my good sir

Keep on rockin \m/ \m/

jouste responds:


i shall keep rocking indeed. always good to hear from my canadian brothers! and why can't i seem to find any of your audio on here? D:

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