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Phelgrum and Cauldronis!


zounds! it's pre-dominance war time already!

so here's my entry!

two corrupted champions backing up those polygon punching patriots at polycount!

on the left is PHELGRUM: HIGH-BRANDISHER OF THE BIRD ABLAZE! holy-cake-eating-dinosaur ! what a monster! phelgrum was an expert wielder-demon; creatures that are capable of weaponising anything they come in contact with. phelgrum managed to trick a phoenix with a cunning trap involving birdseed and an untracable cellphone call. now that fiery falcon resides in a horrible cage-club that is wielded by that horrific demon phelgrum! yikes how scary!

and don't forget that freakinsh fountain of fear on the right:

CAULDRONIS: THE GRIM GHOULASH! that sinful soup, that baleful brine, the frightful fondue! watch out people! that's a spined war ladle he be wielding in tandem with that lid shield! cauldronis was a slurry of foul concoctions that was so horrific and vile it grew an evil consciousness, consumed the insane alchemists that brewed him. and transmogrified the cauldron that became his new body! yowzers what a tale!

so there sure is some awesome entries this year. be sure to go check them out and vote for your faves people! wish this soldier of polycount luck!

*edit* zounds a front page!? newgrounds is the best! tanks guys! XD

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Love the concept of it all, and the art is fantastic!
I find nothing wrong with this picture, it is just the embodiment of awesomeness.
5 stars, wish I could give this more!

jouste responds:

wow thanks!

yeah these guys are some of my favorite characters. they are basically the core of my design philosophy, make it goofy, fun, scary, and badass! ;P



after this awesome drawing i think you deserve a high five, WITH MY ROBOT CLAW.

*robot claw five*

jouste responds:

oh man that's awesome!

i have yet to get a sweet highfive from a robot claw! thanks!

*receives awesome robot claw highfive*


Cauldronis should totally team up with Surr the Soupsmith!

Nice work once again!

jouste responds:

yeah that would definitely be one match made in heaven!

thanks for the highscore and comment!



Holy shit that's FUCKING AWESOME!

jouste responds:

haha great!

glad you like the characters. they were a lot of fun to make ;D



Its a really good pic i love the monsters there really good.

jouste responds:

hey awesome!

glad you like the monsters, monsters are my favorite thing to draw in the whole world! thanks for the high score and the review!


Credits & Info

4.62 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2010
7:27 PM EST
File Info
1000 x 923 px
1.1 MB

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