phang the fleshminer


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behold space travelers! it's phang that crafty flesh miner!

here we see that he's riding a crystalline phase-shark that he's locked into his dimension with his anchor-gun. phase-sharks make great rides for any race able to take the total vacuum of the void without the need of a space-suit. this particular phase shark has had some additional weapons grafted to it to thwart any larger predators that come along.

phang himself is on the lookout for the slumbering skin beasts. giant monsters that dozily drift through space in a vegetative state, consuming cosmic energy to increase in size. their epidermis is highly values in bio-crafting and organic armoring because of its general acceptance of any species' DNA and extremely low rejection rate.

phang wields a heavily serrated sonic-saw that can vibrate through the super strong skin beasts carapace and can also chop through a starship's hull in a matter of milliseconds. his race can also happily survive the vacuum of space and has mastered equestarianism, the act of riding a mounted creature through the void instead of a bulky starship.

flesh mining has really taken off with the recent emergence of self-customization. phang himself has had his entire left arm replaced with a much more durable drullian affair and has been saving up to re-organize his neural network with a trivian brain-beast overhaul.

so beware anyone creeping in on phang's harvesting territory, he's been known to slice ships in half and send their crews into the void without anything but a few seconds of life support!

-jouste the drawbarian


this great!

man you have to start animation

jouste responds:

i will i promise!

thanks for the highscore and the review! hopefully you'll see some more stuff from me soon!



This is very cool dude! I don't understand what's happening but very awesome drawing! Yet again you amaze us all! :D

jouste responds:

haha great!

as long as you like something out of the drawing i consider it a success!



Every single time I see one of you're characters it inspires me to think up one of my own. Great characters, always creative to the 8th dimension, and those little stories that go along with them wrap it all up into a package of highly unstable awesome juice. Or something. Anyway, keep it up, always looking forward to the next crazy space beast you come up with!

jouste responds:


so glad you like the stories. i went a little crazy with this one, pretty long compared to my others but thanks a lot for reading it!

one of my favorite things about drawing is getting other people excited about creating!



your work is consistently awesome.
all right that guys is badass but the shark takes the cake.

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jouste responds:

haha thanks!

yeah i had a lot of fun drawing that chunky shark. initially he was just a pet but i wanted him to be mroe wild and free so i made it so that phang needed to lock down that shark for it to take some orders.

thanks for the high score!


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Aug 16, 2010
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