Major Harrier and the Teen Champions


Here’s Major Harrier, a champion of earth that’s summoned by 5 teens with power rings!

Unfortunately that was back in the 90′s. One of the Teens has died since then, one’s institutionalized, one’s fighting a drug habit and the rest have had a pretty rough life as well.

Something has come up many years later and they need to summon the Major again to protect earth! The state of the ring bearers have torn apart the assembly of Major Harrier and he explodes into reality as a ragged mess. He can’t properly control his powers, he has shocks of amnesia, his energy blasts temporarily blind him, and flying gives him severe migraines.

Wish him luck! He’s our only hope!

-jouste the drawbarian

*EDIT* Front page! Thanks so much guys! The Major might just make it after all! <3

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The hero we deserve, honestly. Looks like those rings are leaking. just a bit.

jouste responds:

yeah they are kind of getting all over the place. thanks for the comment and high score!


Well sure, he is far from being on his prime, but he is not that fucked... maybe he is, but we are better with him than without, i think...

jouste responds:

yeah I just think that what they needed to summon him for has more of their stuff together.
thanks for the comment and high score pal!


I loved the character. I really loved the story idea. Then I realized it was Jouste. LOL Should have known by the story. I love your stuff. One of my favorites.

jouste responds:

Hey thanks a bunch!

Yeah my stories have been leaner as of late. But I really wanted to explain what was going on here because i think it's a pretty neat idea and the image is a bit of a challenge to look at.

thanks for the high score and comment!


You have a very unique and different art style. Your approach is simply beautiful with a lot of bright colors which makes your piece stand out very well. I also like that you gave your piece a story which you obviously put a lot of thoughts into. Great work!

jouste responds:

hey appreciate it!

I do try to blow out all my colors and keep things bright and buzzy. thanks a bunch for the comment and high score!


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