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lou garoux! space werewolf!


it's lou garoux! the space werewolf saboteur extraordinaire!

being a hit-ship for hire lou used his werewolf powers to amplify his sabotaging abilities but could only work well during the full moon. so he did what every other smart werewolf would do. get a chunk of the moon and wear it around his neck like some kind of cosmic bling!

with his perma-werewolfism lou quickly became notorious around the galaxy as the most efficient hit-ship on the market and the jobs came flooding in.

hit-ships are like hit-men but they usually target ships or satellites or other kind of important tech. ships are a super rarity in space and super guarded and expensive. tactical destruction can seriously mess up a merchant line or important trade route.

we can see that lou has his trademark "holemaker" pistol that takes a multitude of rounds, each one being able to punch holes into a variety of metals, punish nervous systems, or knockout electronics.

the thing on his waist is a "blackbox" not to be confused with our plane's black boxes. these things have enough nano-bots to repair up too two fatal wounds. so its like having a health gauge in a video game. we can see here that his black box is all topped up so he should be able to take a couple hits before he needs to rely on his werewolf regenerative powers.

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This is one of my favorites above all your art.

I really like werewolfs... Especially the space ones.
Great drawing, awesome equipment and nice description. If all of your characters were in a 360 game, it would be FREAKING AWESOME!
I wish someday I'll draw super high quality things like that.

jouste responds:

haha hat sure would be cool to have em in a game!

thanks for your support and its good to know you dig the werewolf! nice to hear from you again Ymo7!


"Moon bling" FUCK YEAH! d[^_^]b

And I thought werewolves couldn't get any cooler! Kick ass! Your art rules dude!

jouste responds:

haha awesome!

i'm pretty stoked for the new wolfman movie. this guy has been kicking around in my head for some time now. it was a lot of fun to get him down on digital paper.


So cool!

You have so many good ideas in this! A picture and a few short paragraphs and I have a full fledged story in my head about who this character is and what he does.

Everything in your gallery just oozes style, great stuff man!

jouste responds:

it's awesome to hear that you get a story in your head about him. that's what i try to do with all my guys.

it's great that you've been enjoying my gallery pal. it's always good to hear that i brightened someone's day.



you should make lou garoux on spore it would cool!

jouste responds:

that's a cool idea but i have YET to play that game D:

i know, i suck, but thanks for the suggestion. it sure would be neat to see some of my guys in that engine.

thanks for the high score dude!




jouste responds:

glad you like it pal!

another high score! thanks so much! XD


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4.71 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2009
7:30 AM EDT
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