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larry vs. gnomes entry


here's my entry for Jazza's sweet contest!

i decided to draw my favorite boss the freak! you fight him in act three and he's totally awesome. i chose that fight in particular because it was one of those great moments i get in gaming when i get absolutely trashed and then i figure out what to do and win and feel smart.

so here we got larry, a little more armored than usual brandishing the super awesome board with nails in it and standing beside those levels that send him into that perilous drop zone level! in the background are the nasty gnomes, ready to take him down a peg and looming up behind him is the terrible freak, brandishing those twin cleavers and ready to rip apart our hero!

so a big thanks to everyone who made larry and the gnomes possible, it was a very awesome experience and i look forward to much more!

hope you guys dig it!

-jouste the drawbarian

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This is one of the nicest pictures I've come across of Larry. You really know how to put a unique spin on the character. It works well because it's faithful even though it's a different design. It seems to be a more serious way of looking at the character. I don't recall one of the gnomes looking like that. I'm referring to the purple one.

He looks more like a character from the "Dad 'N Me" series. You can't see the other ones well. It's still a fantastic image of course. The best part is how there are so many behind him. Larry certainly looks older, or at least taller.

jouste responds:

yeah i did make him taller so i could fit more detail on him. The big purple guy behind him is actually my favorite boss in the Larry vs. the Gnomes game! Thanks for another thoughtful review!



I love the lines for this pic dude, I'm feeling this!!!!

jouste responds:

hey thanks pal!

yeah the lines always take the longest for me when the image is this big. (the original is poster size). thanks for feeling the art pal! glad you like it ;D


simply great

nice poster, man. I really love the mass of gnome behind Larry, but my favorite part is the freak. He (she? it?) just looks really menacing and deformed. Also, is there a story behind the angry faic codpiece? Like, is supposed to protect larry from those little bouncing faces? But that's beside the point. All in all, this poster is what define crazy awesome.

jouste responds:

hey thanks!

it was stated that i should of focused more on the gnomes but i had drawn so many "hordeling" pictures before this one i wanted to focus on only a few elements.

and the codpiece is just for fun, i draw nut protectors on pretty much all my dudes ;D

thanks for the highscore and comment!



Epic Larry can haz Angry Faic Codpiece?

jouste responds:

of course he can haz!


Is this going to be a weekly thing?

You know what im going to say ;D

jouste responds:

haha thanks for the comment!

and i know its something about ceasing to amaze ;P good to hear from you again!


Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2010
4:22 PM EDT
File Info
750 x 1125 px
977.1 KB

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