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King Shear, the Super Leader


It goes it goes it goes!

It's King Shear the Super Leader! King shear is such an awesome and confident King that he installed the "Throne of Certainty". This throne has a built in guillotine that has pull cords that range out to everyone in the entire kingdom, from the servants to the Dukes. If ANYONE has any issue or disagrees with King Shear they only need to pull their own cord and his reign will end in a bloody mess by heavy blade!

Fortunately King Shear is such an amazing leader that no one has thought to pull their cords. Every decision is perfect, every law passed is flawless, and taxes are seen as justified by all who are in the kingdom.

King Shear's kill-cords are also available strewn about the kingdom as well in case anyone on their way to work has a problem they can give it a yank and end his regime. Still, no one can think of a god reason as he's just too damn capable as King. He does have 3 crowns after all.

*EDIT: aww thanks for the front page guys! Hooray!*

-jouste the drawbarian

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I can't say in a reasonable amount of words how much I love this concept.

jouste responds:


Thanks a ton for the high praise! I really enjoyed this idea as well!


Jouste, you're MY hero man.

jouste responds:

haha too kind!

thanks for dropping by!

*hero highfives*

This is so uniquely strange, like something out of a fairy tale. Sort of like Damocles put up the sword himself to show he's got more mettle than Dionysus ever had. I really like it!

I really like this as just the image and the little story, but this might have the chops to be expanded upon. It could be fun to see other stories where Shear handles situations so well that nobody pulls the cords even if there's a legitimate reason. Or more cynically, maybe the cords just snap when pulled, easily pointing out any traitors.

The only thing I don't really like is that guillotine doesn't look really sharp. I'd trust him more as a hero if he had like a more serious-looking blade over his head. It looks like it could get stopped by his crowns or gauntlets. Then again, that adds to those ambiguous fable layers, so that's good too!

jouste responds:

hey thanks so much for that great review!

Damocles was a big inspiration for the piece. those are some really great ideas! Glad it got your gears turning and I'll work on making some more menacing blades in teh future!

*super highfives*

The color scheme is very cool, the design for the King and the throne use simple shapes and colors to make something awesome, and the story you made is a good short read.

jouste responds:


glad it fired on all cylinders for you! thanks a bunch for the kind words and high score!


I think that this chair and its cabling system installation is extremely irresponsible and cocky. I mean, I think he's a pretty good leader too.....but representatives from the neighboring Turkish states visited the royal palace over the week's end. I saw them eyeing the cables and trading furtive glances.

Also, I heard that our norther borders are being tested........rumors of night raids and curved swords. I wonder if now is the best time to be so bold? Perhaps a blunting of the shear is in order...

jouste responds:

haha oh man,

you sure bring up some good points. Hopefully King Shear has some plans in motion to hold your hypothetical at bay. Very well crafted! Thanks for the comment!

*super highfive*

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4.61 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2016
10:24 PM EDT
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