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On the frozen steppes of Frostmurder gallop the horrendous arachnideer. Venemous and belligerent, these awful creatures claim the bitter wasteland as their own, engaging in deadly territorial battles and even deadlier mating rituals.

Only one being has the stones to hunt down these creatures for their confusing pelt and hallucinogenic sweat glands, and that creature is Gutbow Peltmasterson. Gutbow's massive spear launching bow has a string made of dragon gut that draws the instrument so taught that it sometimes destroys the hefty arrow outright in a fine mist of splinters before release. Gutbow can also field dress anything with the aid of his "wise knife" a haunted blade that gives great tips.

Here we can see Gutbow walking away from a recent kill but make no mistake. He has purposefully left the corpse of a virile and handsome male in hopes to lure some of the more valuable females closer. He is also donning a female's pelt as it offers amazing armor class and adds a sold +8 to ALL his intimidation rolls.

-jouste the drawbarian


This has to be my favourite of your pieces. I have to admit that as an aspiring artist myself i consider you as a great motivational source. Cheers sir , fucking cheers.

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jouste responds:

hey great!

I always love hearing that my art is helping out in that way. Thanks so much for the high score ad for sharing! your stuff is getting really great!


awesome as usual , this is an amazing picture i like the detial you put in it, lol this got his clothes like a boss. i would do the same if another ice age happened.. anyways GJ another 1 million stars/ 5 :P


I've been so busy that I've probably missed some of your stuff. What a warm welcoming back! Damn dude you've improved significantly! It's truly a sight to see. This drawing is fantastic! The colors work brilliantly together and the overall design is really great and tells a story. Great job man! Really great job! :)

jouste responds:


you always cheer me up with your super positive reviews! thanks so much for commenting and i'll be sure to keep at it ;D


Very Impressive!

I love the way you're always able to build up a background and personality of the characters that you draw! And the shading and proportions are spot on, good to see you posting again, keep up the good work!

jouste responds:

will do!

i'm gonna start working towards some better painting. i appreciate your comment and high review!


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Dec 21, 2011
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