gragas the beerserker


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here's that grog swillin' villian gragas!

initially when this guy came out he was pretty weak, but after some nerfs and getting annihilated by strong gragas players i took the plunge and started playing this tanky beast of a man. he is sooo much fun to play once you get the hang of him.

hope you league of legend fans like him! he was a lot of fun to draw.



How can you not love Lady Gragas.
With his rippling *ahem* muscle and mane of red hair.

Awesome work as always.

jouste responds:

lol the push for the lady gragas skin is nothing short of amazing. thanks for the highscore!


10 for you!

Gragas is the fucking man! Great drawing! I always saw him as goofy looking, but after your picture, imaging this beast of a man charging it isn't so LoL (get it?)

Btw, Gragas is and always has been about Drunken Rage, people who think he sucks don't realize Drunken Rage is 100% free baby!

jouste responds:

hells yeah! and with a fully stacked levi and defensive tree that's like 45% damage reduction or something.

i love the big man, glad to hear that you do as well!


never played league of legends

That is a pretty cool guy, so what has he got in the barrel? Whatever it is I'm sure it's tasty.

One more question, do you start on a canvas and scan it or something? Because all your work seems to have a canvas/drawing paper-like texture in the background.

jouste responds:

the barrel is full of his special wine that he brews near a magical nexus point that makes it super potent and awesome.

and no, all that canvas drawing paper stuff is all digital, a combination of some brushes and overlaying some plaster textures. i only draw digital.

you should give league of legends a try its free and loads of fun.


You should do Twisted Fate.

Everyone knows that TF is the coolest motherfucker around.

This picture is very nicely done, I like how he manages to look tough, despite all the fat.

jouste responds:

haha thanks!

yeah he is definitley a strong fat guy. TF hmm? i actually think i'll do nasus next but a TF will probably be in the works if i get beaten by one ;D



I love ur art, u can actually see his strength while he's charging, and the tattoos make him look even more fierce...Its totally amazing, u have incredible talent. How do u do it?!

jouste responds:

hey thanks for the comment and high score!

i'm glad you can see how strong he is in the pic. i tend to rough out and get my lines done fairly quickly and this one was no exception ;D


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Aug 20, 2010
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