dyrt soldier!


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a dyrt soldier!

dyrts are an extremely tough race of bipeds that live off of raw minerals decended from marsworms (a lot like earthworms but from mars). being extremely durable and able to regenerate at a very high rate; dyrts make excellent shock troopers and have been hired on as everything from guards to soldiers.

a steady diet of metals and ground has made dyrts take on many of thier foods attributes and some dyrts can be recognized simply from the radiation signature they give off in relation to the planets that carry the same signature. a prime example is the heavily irradiated glow-dyrts that have been known to take out entire frat parties by just showing up.

in this picture we can see that this particular dyrt has had a cruel joke played on him in the form of a sign and some tape. we can also see that due to their enormous sizes they are treated as vehicles and therefore given out license plates and signal lights.

this dyrt is equipped with a standard "1 ton issue" that is given to all aliens weighing in the neighborhood of 1 metric ton. this includes:

- militarium plate armor. militarium was discovered quite recently and quickly became the standard material for heavy duty weaponry. with its dull green color, militarium didn't need to be painted saving hundreds of dollars in manufacturing fees.

- 2 disruption grenades, these babies are used for taking out electronics and communication signals as well as destroying nervous systems on class-4 and over creatures (that includes us). think of them as flash bangs that separate your optic nerves from your eyeballs among other things.

- the impact rifle is a hard hitting weapon that deploys so much force that its been known to punch holes through starship hulls without too much of a problem. they are favorable to those who can wield them because there is rarely a mess to clean up later.

the impact rifle uses shells not unlike a terrestrial shotgun and can hold 4 rounds at a time. historically impact rifles were created when a scientist made the universe's most powerful shotgun and then taped it to another one just like it.


Wow, that is one epic drawing! I was just so impressed by how big it was. It's great you managed to put so much stuff in there. I am not familiar with the species, but this is wonderful all the same. I think it might even be a bit too big for itself. You really have to see it in full screen.

It was great to see all of the parts being described. You were able to see the hard work put into it. Of course, anyone could tell it was hard to make. The detail is just so wonderful. Maybe a bit cluttered, but great!

You make such imaginative character designs!

jouste responds:

Hey thanks!

Yeah this guy here is an older one but really helped me start to decide on my own style.


Holy crap

this is awesome. Just awesome

jouste responds:


glad you find it awesome!

i hada great time doing it :D


Quite awesome

I loved all the detail that went into this!
All the different views were a very nice touch ^_^
I Lol'd at the stuff on his back.

jouste responds:

haha awesome.

i love getting laughs from everyone!



I have looked at all of your artwork of space creatures, and I have to say that this is my favourite. I'm loving the descriptions as it really helps to better understand what the aliens are all about, not forgetting how interesting and fun they are to read. You go into so much detail with your art and it's done in a distinctive, simplistic style that I really enjoy. You should definitely make a comic book series using all of these characters, but if not that, then at least upload a flash with the pictures next to their descriptions in more of your cool style, I'm sure it would be frontpaged any day. I'm sorry for the long review, but I had to express my love for your work. You're definitely my favourite artist on this site and I'll be sure to check out all of your work from now on. Keep it up.

The Oprichnik.

jouste responds:

wow thanks for that awesome review! i'm actually thinking about doinga flash with me talking about the characters i've made, just a solo project to get a voice to my stuff.

thanks a ton for writing such a great review. i'll keep trying to get my stuff up to these standards!


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