buck the clubsmith!

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buck the clubsmith!

Author Comments

deep in the forests there is a very skilled clubsmith who crafts the finest clubs any battlefield has ever seen. his name is buck and he doesn't mess around when it comes to forging those death-dealing bludgeons.

here we can see buck digging teeth out of his newly forged weapon with his club cleaning/repair kit. embedded teeth are a real problem when it comes to a club's performance in both aerodynamics and surface impact. they also tend to mar the finish. sometimes a club will get so much things embedded inside it that it'll snag on your cool cape or tear up your pants.

buck prides himself on his club-craft and his weapons are renowned for their durability and crushing power. all of his clubs are fire-treated over the poor-burning saplings of the elven gardens and the combat spines are torn out of the generally peaceful mouths of the grazing placidians that populate the local tundra. this results in a bludgeoning tool that is just as evil as it is effective.

buck also is no slouch when it comes to combat. he guarantees that all of his weapons have killed at least 14 things before they are sold to a potential buyer. a cockatrice's claw also hangs around his broad neck; these fetishes are considered so unlucky that they obliterate all other superstitions in the immediate area.


Woot from Yoot!

I love this picture! I also love the idea of the clubsmith. Pretty awesome. I gotta ask, how in Sam hell do you think of some of the features for your characters? Hand feet with the little shoe-gloves. lol, it's wicked awesome, but I can't get how you think of it! :D

jouste responds:

awesome! i'm glad you like the clubsmith!

and for the ideas i usually jsut scribble something down and turn it into something. that was the case with the hand foot gloves anyways! ;D



Oh god, too funny! My favorite part would have to be the "have killed at least 14 things" before sold to buyer. Awesome bro. Keep up the great work.

jouste responds:

haha, will do man!

i'm glad you found his guy funny, i really wanted people to think that about this guy. and the 14 kills before sold just came to me when i was writing the story and made me chuckle so i kept it inl. great that you like it!


still love your work

but my question is this: if his necklace is such bad luck what happens if no good luck trinkets are around, is he just miserably unlucky and therefor must seek out civilization to bring equilibrium to his luck?

jouste responds:

haha holy cow man, you really thought about this one. those are some excellent points but really i was just making it a redundant charm. because it takes away all superstions including itself.

thanks for the high score and great points in your review!



For me, you're one of the best artists here in NG. I added you to favorites a long time ago, and your art just get better and better. Continue like that!
ps: hand feet!
pss: hey, if you have a spare time, take a look at my art. Thanks.

jouste responds:

thanks for the highscore and review pal!

nice noticing the hand fett ;D
you got a good sence of humor to your drawings that's really good.thing to have when drawing. i'd say just get some more polishing going on if you are happy with your cartoony style. i got good by drawing a lot very quickly, it takes a pile of practice and commitment, good luck!


All your characters are awesome!

Somethin about him reminds me of the Goblin King in LOZ:Twilight Princess.
hand feet ftw!

jouste responds:

haha thanks dude! hand feet makes you twice as productive when sitting down!

thanks for the high score pal!


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4.53 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2010 | 10:16 PM EST
File Info
1200 x 1203 px
934 kb

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