brain-shot the thought sniper!


egads! it's brainshot the thought sniper! a techno sniper so awesome he can pinpoint thoughts and ideas in your head and take them right out!

brainshot's psychotropic nano-cilator is usually set to "brilliant idea" and "un-wavering loyalty" to properly disrupt enemy forces from a mental standpoint. he's been sniping ideas for years now and is deployed in enemy territory to destroy any cunning plans or other shenanigans.

brainshot's calculated assaults are rarely noticed by anyone being effected by its super-small-sniper shots. after all how many times have we just forgotten something and it never came back to us? this is probably a thought sniper slowly tearing apart your idea process and ultimately driving you insane.

of course being a thought sniper makes it so other thought snipers are hot on your tail, attempting to take out the idea of finishing the mission or maybe even the name of ACDC's first front man! driving you crazy for the rest of the day because you can't seem to remember the answer to the question!

that's why all thought snipers are orange-brained before deployment. their brain is drenched in a substance not unlike super-gatorade and encased in an electronic shell. your brain is so fast that it just outright deflects any mental attacks on it, including all thought sniping!

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Nice and simple

The idea here wa spretty simple and nice, the brian in a dome was another neat idea, this could use a few things and some ideas might to make the "FEET" bigger they seemed aout of place somehow, and adding some shine in differant places would also be nice, like on the"DOME" covoring the brain then on more metal parts of the armor, as for the backrounds that was pretty neat kinda simple maybe giving a more darker feel to that would also be a nice touch aswell, but anyways those ideas and tips could really help on this whole piece, but besides all tha, this was notbad at all, kind of simple but still pretty nifty.

A few things mentioned were, more shine on a few focus points including the dome over the brain, and the foot seemed off kinda small, and last but not least, but darken up the backround somehow abit more.

This is one of the more bizarre art pieces I've seen in awhile. It's just that this character looks so much like a mashup of everything you were thinking of. The coloring effects are still excellent and his overall appeal is great. It seems like you really went out of your way to create an original looking character here. I especially love how stern he looks. Some of the body parts appear to be out of proportion, but that was probably the point. It was also cool to include a description of the character.

It's stuff like this that makes me feel we will never need a literature portal. Stories can be told with one picture, because you know how that old saying goes. The background is kind of strange, it's hard to tell where it's supposed to take place. I'm thinking maybe a desert because he kind of looks like a character from an Old West movie. Or rather, a steampunk setting.

:O I just had a great idea!

...what was I talking about?
I think it was about apples...I like apples :3

jouste responds:

haha oh no! avictim of the thought sniper!

*super highfives back!*


XD! EPIC! BRAINZ! Like it! 5/5 10/10

jouste responds:

thanks for the 10 pal!

glad you like his brains :D it's a pretty generic idea but a good one!


origenal :D

just like all you're alien soldiers cool awesome the name of this picture when i read it i litlle laugh:P the sniper is the best part of this picture really a epic sniper you have it really nice draw further is the armor and the face just awesome there are 2 things i don't like and that are the feet and the brains the feet look a little weird mayybe it was on porpuse but i don't like them and the brain it is simply draw:( not you're style simple drawing but the glasses make it good:D for the 11th time by this picture a 10/10 (i will alter give all you're picture a 5 if my voting power is better)

jouste responds:

good points dutch, i did kind of cop out on the brain an make it a little too simple. the feet are purposely drawn a little wierd for alien effect.

i'm glad you like his armor! this armor set the stage for all my other space armor in my alien soldier series.

thanks for your high scores and great review!

*highfives* :D

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Aug 19, 2009
12:29 AM EDT
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