a-voiding kassadin!


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here's some more league of legends fan stuff.

it's that crazy void visitor kassadin! now i know he doesn't have feet in the game but here he is with some gnarly feet that he would get from his constant walks into the void!

here he is launching his void sphere that totally silences other players and can even interrupt channeling spells! D:

i wanted to make the effect look like it wasn't from the world he lives in but i'm still not super happy with the effect.

but either way i still had fun with this blinking fiend from the void!



This was nifty

This was pretty nifty. great designa nd drawing on the character, even love the backround you worked with too, The pink was kinda neat but seems like you should have put a little more detail maybe some more shades on the "GLOBE" and the other pink slashes and such, and you may also want to give the "HORNS" some shine and even some glare of some sorts it would be a nice little effect, You have a great drawing here just wish there was more effort on some effects and so on, but besides that this was notbad at all. but great piece regardless.

Just a few suggestions as mentioned above, some more shades on the Globe, give the Horns some shine and even some glare.

Nice orb

I think it's great to see such wonderful colors being used in this. I know little about the material that this came from, but you don't have to in order to enjoy this. The coolest thing is how he looks so intimidating. The green muscles are nice and very well defined. It seems like there's some scratchy boxy background you were trying to show off here. It's not much, but it's just something that I noticed that goes pretty well with the picture.

I love the pink weapon this guy has. Who knows that anything pink could look so manly? I like how all of his toes and everything are well defined, as I myself am a person who could never draw good toes. The jutting out spikes are always great in looking intimidating. It seems like this could be a character from the legacy of Kain, from what little I know about that.

Great bubbles!!! :3

i mean fucking awesome dark magic...Hell Yeah!!!

jouste responds:

yeah i need to get better at the spell effects.

thanks for the highscore!



Kass!, one of my favourites champs. :), i had this as my wallpaper... your style rocks!

Hope one day i can draw at least ... like, HALF of your talent haha.

Keep up the good work :D

jouste responds:

will do pal! thanks for all the highscores!

just keep drawing as much as you can! its all about practice and determination.

cool to hear from a kass player!



HAHA! Didn't manage to slap a 10 outta me this time! It's perfect, its just not as demonic and monstrous as all your other League of Legends stuff! Was expecting you to tweak him a little (not that you usually do, but i think he would look a little better if he had, oh I don't know, a crazy killer skull staff or something), but you didn't which kinda killed my taste for it, but besides the lack of evil killer monter thingies, you did awesome!

jouste responds:

haha thanks for the high score!

i kept kassadin looking like his model for the most part. i gave him the feet but really didn't do too much else. you are right though, he doesn't look as brutal as the other guys.

thanks for the review!


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