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Tales of Luka: The Main bunch


These are my Final Designs for the main characters of my upcoming endeavor, Tales of Luka. I've been in the pre-production swamp for a a few years now, But now with a clear vision of what to do and how I can do it. I am so close to being able to enter production. I'll talk more about Tales of Luka as a project soon but for know let me Give you all a more formal introduction to these guys.

Starting in the Middle, Luka.

Luka is a young, hot headed wandering, She roams the land, Finding treasures and secrets along the way. Luka often avoids the company of others but by nature loves to feast and dance and the company of men. Luka more often the not finds her self in bed with just about any man she comes a cross. But Luka is highly untrusting and highly suspicious of everyone around here, never staying in one place for too long.

To the right of Luka, Zanshi.

Zanshi is soft spoken, and brave Monster Slayer. She's fought everything from goblins to ancient spawn beasts. Much like Luka, she also travels place to place, but Zanshi does so in search of contract work and different wares to aid in battles.Zanshi can be rather shy around strangers, but one should not confuse that for cowardice. Bantids are a common occupational hazard and not one has lived to tell the tale of the day they fought the mighty Zanshi.

To the left of Luka, Kole.

Kole is friendly and caring, Adventurer. Incredibly naive and incredibly green, Kole has just recently embarked on his never ending quest to rid the world of evil. Sadly he is completely unsure of where exactly to begin. So he has decided to start out by dealing with the bandit problem plaguing the small farming village he calls home. Despite being a formidable hand to hand fighter Kole has a fascination with explosives to an almost perverse extreme. Almost any solution to a problem he concocts will include a bomb of some sort regardless of how appropriate it is.

To the left most, Anella.

Anella is a loud mouth and vulgar, Highway Woman. Jealous of everyone and thinks she deserves everything. However her time amongst the living was quickly cut short thanks to Luka. Anella desprite for cash and down to a single arrow gambled it all on one clean shot to Luka's heart. Of course she missed and forced to take Luka head on. She was quickly beaten and then beheaded rather slowly by Luka. It seems as if her neck is surprisingly durable.

Anella now spends her days as a disembodied head being carried around by Luka in the hope that she can receive a bounty on Anella.

So far Luka has been unsuccessful.

Lastly, to right most, Jeza.

Jeza is a jaded and joyless Necromancer, No one is really sure how old she is they're pretty she was the queen of some ancient kingdom for a few centuries. Jeza's work these days consists of resorting her body. Keeping her self alive and youthful is easy work for a necromancer, but resorting your body after being reduced to a pile ash by a wizard is another mess entirely. Jeza mostly wishes to be left alone to her work, unfortunately she goes through a lot of young virgins in the process, so quite a few people want her dead.

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